Are Marvel's bi-weekly comics worth reading?

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Many of Marvel's top titles are bi-weekly and are priced at 3.99 but are they really worth reading? Comics like Uncanny X-Men, and Avengers are great but are they worth 7.98 plus tax a month? Any thoughts?

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I keep asking myself that every time I get them. Spider-man is one of my favorite titles but if I drop it, I can get a replacement book plus one.

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I hate to say it, cuz I have a to pay double the amount that I usually pay, but YES they are. I'm enjoying most of these books and don't mind the two-issues a month deal that we as readers get.

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Ya know, I didn't realize Deadpool was bimonthly until I was a couple of months in. I really love the series, but I don't know if it's worth it, especially with some new series I'm interested in coming out soon.

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Most of them aren't worth it.Marvel doesn't have much books that can be worthy the money you give for them.

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I wish every comic released a new issue every two weeks. The month-long wait for some of the titles out there drives me nuts!

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@tdk_1997: well i All New X-men and the Avengers.

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@tdk_1997: well i All New X-men and the Avengers.

Both suck for me a lot.
All-New X-Men is your regular team book from Bendis.He has some characters that he really loves and there are characters he hates,so that's why they are out of character.And for 10 issues almost nothing has happened,okay there were some things but they weren't anything big.We are still waiting for some villains to finally come up rather than Cyclops who is treated by Bendis like a villain.

Avengers just is something that isn't really bad but it ain't good.It had so much issues and so much characters and we still have some short stories that nobody cares for.There are so much characters that have a lot of potential and Hickman is not using them.I mean why the hell would you need such a big roster if you are not using it.And he is also introducing some dull cosmic characters that shouldn't be Avengers and nobody cares for them and making them amazing Avengers that get the highlight out of characters like Hawkeye,Ms. Marvel and Cannonball.

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