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Hey, I was wondering if any Marvel fans (which is probably the majority of you) could help me. I mainly read DC comics and although I do love them I want to start reading some new stuff. I am very aware of the MARVEL NOW reboot coming up very soon but I was wondering if you guys could suggest a marvel comic (out now) for me to read. Tell me if its new reader friendly and why i should read it.

Thank you

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I would look at Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man. You could pick up the back issues, or buy it digitally. It's a really good series with great art. It is similar to the Iron Man movie. Another great series is The Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott. He started writing with the Big Time Story arc which was really cool. The Ultimates 1 and 2 are interesting takes on Marvel heroes in a more modern and realistic setting. Hope this helps!

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Xtreme X-men, it's just started and it's pretty fun.

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HAWEYE written my Matt Fraction. only two issues came out so far. this book is AWESOME!

You should try to read DAREDEVIL my Mark Wied and Punisher by Greg Rucka which is ending, but there is a new mini-series of this book coming out soon. Both are great books.

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