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    When a zombie plague came from above, the Avengers arrived on the scene to end the crisis. With their infection the people of Earth-2149 stood no chance, as the entire world became engulfed by the plague.

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    Note: This page is for the original Marvel Zombies that were introduced in Ultimate Fantastic Four and continued in the Marvel Zombies limited series. It includes the Earth-2149 zombies only, the A.R.M.O.R.'s missions as a result of the Earth-2149 zombies and spin-offs or other one-shot issues, should be linked to the Marvel Zombies concept, and can be listed on this page under related issues.

    Plot Summary

    When the Sentry came from another dimension to that of Earth-2149, he carried an infection with him. This infection was a zombie plague, and when the Avengers of Earth-2149 arrived at the scene of the Sentry's arrival, he infected them all. Soon the Avengers would spread the plague to other heroes, and before long the entire world became either infected or devoured.

    Before long though, the Marvel Zombies ran out of food. While some of the zombies such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, gained the powers of Galactus, others stayed behind and used cloning technologies to continue eating. Years later, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the others came back to Earth to find that Black Panther had survived and created a new life for the survivors of the plague. Running low on food it wouldn't be long until the hunger took over, and the zombies found a way to cross universes.

    Soon the zombies came to Earth-616 resulting in the creation of A.R.M.O.R. to combat the zombie infestation. They travel between Universes to help rid them of the zombie plague and to prevent it from spreading into the Marvel Universe.

    Full Plot

    Dead Days

    A strange lightning in the sky struck New York. There it shows a zombified Sentry infecting the Avengers. The Avengers then went around eating the citizens and infecting other heroes/villains. All remaining heroes retreat to the S.H.I.E.L.D hellicarrier to plan for an attack on the zombies. Tony Stark and Reed Richards plan for a way to solve the problem but Reed goes mad and infects the Fantastic Four having the hellicarrier become infected. Stark makes a dimensional teleporter and has the remaining heroes escort it away while he gets infected. Nick Fury then decides to destroy the teleporter so the zombies will be stuck in this universe.

    Ultimate Fantastic Four; Crossover

    It didn't take long for the zombies to eat most of the population. The zombied heroes are still hungry, so they manipulate Reed Richards from the ultimate universe to build the dimensional teleporter that Stark created. The teleporter was made but was then destroyed by Magneto to once again prevent the zombies from infecting the ultimate universe.

    Marvel Zombies 1

    Magneto destroyed the teleporter and is on the run trying to return to his base on asteroid M. Unfortunately he was found by zombie heroes and fought. Magneto put up a great fight but was defeated and eaten by zombie Captain America (now called colonel america), Spider-Man, Hulk, Thor, Luke Cage, Hank Pym, Wasp, Wolverine, and Daredevil. After that they are discussing how the biology of being a zombie works which they can't figure out.They then see the Silver Surfer but disappears quickly. The group then reunites with Zombie Iron man who is angry about the group eating magneto without him. meanwhile zombie Hank Pym sneaks into a secret lab where he has a sedated Black Panther who Hank uses as a secret meal. He then amputates his leg for a meal until zombie Wasp finds Hank and asks him to split Black Panther with her. Hank then kills Wasp by biting her head off but spits it out because of bad taste. Meanwhile the group encounter the Silver Surfer again. Silver Surfer tells the zombies Galactus is coming to devour the planet but the zombie's respond by attacking him. The surfer puts up good fight by destroying Iron man's legs and burning Hulk's face. Unfortunately The Silver Surfer is defeated by the Hulk by biting his head off. So Colonel America, Spider-man, Wolverine, Hank Pym, Iron man, and Luke Cage eat the Silver Surfer and gain the surfers cosmic powers. They then show off their powers by destroying almost every other zombie. Meanwhile, Black Panther (missing an arm and a leg) escaped the lab with Wasp (now only a head) to find a group of mutants who are searching for Magneto. At first they reject T'Challa because he has zombie Wasp but later accept him and they escape to Asteroid M where Black Panther was able to get a prosthetic arm and leg from Forge. Back on Earth, Galactus has reached Earth and easily overpowers the cosmic zombies. The zombies then retreat to Hank Pym's secret lab to build a cannon that can destroy Galactus. They then fuel it with their cosmic powers and knocks Galactus unconscious. They then see a group of zombie villains going to try to eat Galactus but is easily defeated except Colonel America who was killed by zombie Red Skull. The cosmic zombies then go and eat Galactus gaining his powers. It is then shown years later and Asteroid M landed on earth. Black Panter and Wasp (now with a robotic body) find earth not inhabited by anything so they start to rebuild. Meanwhile we see a alien planet being attacked by the zombies who are now dressed like Galactus.

    Ultimate Fantastic Four; Frightful

    Black Panther

    Marvel Zombies 2

    Many years later the cosmic zombies (Spider-man, Wolverine, Iron man, Luke Cage, Hank Pym, Hulk) and a couple new zombies (Phoenix, Thanos, Gladiator, Firelord) ate everything in the known universe.Thanos blamed Hulk for biting more than he can chew which resulted in Hulk killing Thanos. Hank then remembered the dimensional teleporter that they can rebuild and use to find more food. So the zombies began their journey to earth. Meanwhile on earth. Black Panther (now an old man) is leader of New Wakanda and is learning that they don't have enough people to sustain a population and fears extinction, also they found the head of zombie Hawkeye who's still alive but can't remember much after being buried for so many years. Also there's a mutant resistance group that is planning to assassinate Black Panther. So that night, and assassin came and stabbed Panther in the gut fatally wounding him. Zombie Wasp comes in and incapacitates the assassin. She then sees the only way of keeping Panther alive is by turning him into a zombie. So she bites him but doing this has returned her hunger and tries to eat Black Panther's wife but Panther (now a zombie) stops her and tells her to help him eat the assassin. Panther and Wasp then go into a reinforced safe to get over the hunger. Later, Black Panther and Wasp are cured of the hunger and leave only to find the leader of the resistance group Malcolm Cortez rant about Panther becoming a zombie roweling up the crowd. Then the other zombies appear. Hank Pym shocked by there being some humans left suggest making a breeding program so they can eat humans forever. In an anger, Spider-man shoots the top of hank's head. Spider-man tells them they used to be heroes and they should learn to get over the hunger because Spider-man and Luke Cage already got over it. In response the rest of the zombies attack Spider-man and Luke cage. Black Panther and wasp came to assist until the people put up force field keeping the zombies out except Gladiator. Spider-man, Luke cage, Black Panther, and wasp then fought Gladiator. Gladiator was proven stronger than them combined. Forge then came wearing a new and improved Iron man armor and holds down Gladiator for Spider-man and Luke Cage to blast Gladiator's head off. The zombies outside the barrier then left to look for the teleporter. The good zombies then went into the city to get prosthetic limbs. Meanwhile the zombies finally reached Earth and head to Stark industries to look for the teleporter but are attacked by the buildings security which made Stark believe someone already came here and took the teleporter. Later, Forge showed the good zombies the teleporter and told them they better prepare for the other zombie's return. Also forge also helped even the battle by revealing Black Panther's son who has a chunk of Captain America's brain inside.The bad zombies returned and the good zombies fought them but they eventually got into the city. Hank Pym was about to eat a person until the hunger vanished in him. Hank then saw all the horrible things he did and told the other zombies to stop. The Hulk then tried eating people and all the zombies fought Hulk but Hulk killed Phoenix, Firelord, hawkeye, and Iron man. Then a man came and sacrificed himself to the hulk causing hulk to turn into banner where the zombies killed him. After all this they plan to use the teleporter to teleport the remaining humans to a different dimension until Malcolm came and teleported the zombies away making Malcolm leader of New Wakanda.

    Marvel Zombies Return

    Chronological Order

    • Marvel Zombies: Dead Days
    • Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness
    • Marvel Zombies: Evil Evolution
    • Marvel Apes
    • Ultimate Fantastic Four, issues 21-23 (Original Appearance)
    • Marvel Zombies
    • Ultimate Fantastic Four, issues 30-32
    • Black Panther, issues 28-30
    • Marvel Zombies 2
    • Marvel Zombies Return
    • Marvel Zombies 3
    • Marvel Zombies 4
    • Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth
    • Marvel Zombies 5
    • Marvel Zombies Supreme
    • Marvel Zombies Destroy

    Collected Editions

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