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The quest for the one thing that can save Ash and his crew of survivors takes them to Latveria, home of— Doctor Doom! Who will live, who will die, and who will get their sorry butt tossed into a dungeon after one too many smart-alecky comments to a certain metal-plated monarch? Think fast, ’cause a legion of hungry zombies is on the way!

In Latveria, Dr. Doom's patience is running thin with Ash. Scarlet Witch tries explaining that Ash is the one that can stop the zombie plague. Ash tells him that they need the Necronomicon which is in his library. Doom tells them that the zombie plague is not a supernatural occurrence, but rather extraterrestrial. He tells them that the Necronomicon will not help. He intends to use science and brute force to show the zombies they are not welcome. Outside, Goliath is trying to break through their force field. A couple of missiles are launched and explode in Bill Foster, putting an end to him.

Doom orders Ash to be taken down "below" to be locked up with the other uninfected survivors. On a monitor, Scarlet Witch notices that there are no children or old survivors. Doom says that he has handpicked the survivors and chose ones that are of "breeding" age. He then invites Scarlet Witch and Dazzler to an elaborate dinner.

Later, Scarlet Witch shows up and frees Ash. She tells him that she excused herself to the bathroom during one of Doom's stories that he's been telling them. They are detected by a Doombot right away. Ash tells Scarlet Witch to go back to dinner since he has another idea.

Doom is seen walking to his library. He orders his robots to leave him alone. He grabs the Necronomicon. The book tells Doom he seems different. That is because it is Ash under the armor (from the Doombot). He begins arguing with the book about putting a stop to the plague. The Necronomicon tells him that the plague has nothing to do with the supernatural and that it is extraterrestrial (just like Doom said). The Necronomicon tells Ash that it led him to believe that it was supernatural to mess with him. The book wanted Ash to know what it was like to be in a world where there was no hope.

Ash walks away as the Necronomicon continues to laugh at him. The Enchantress calls him over. She is locked behind an energy cage. She tells Ash that she is from another world and Doom has locked her up because she is a threat to him. He fears her power. When Ash reveals that he is also from another world and was also locked up, she suggests they team up. He lets her free and are soon found by Scarlet Witch and Dazzler. They are shocked and ask Ash what he's done. He tells them there's plenty of him to go around. Little does he see what the Enchantress has changed into behind his back.


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