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The mayhem continues. Will Ash survive being bitten in the head by a mutated Howard the Duck? With more and more of the Marvel heroes being infected, will Ash make it through and will he get some sugar?

We start off with Ashley Williams, feeling down about his life. He seems to be missing something. Life seems to be missing something. Even the battle of superheroes doesn't excite him. He is in agreement over J. Jonah Jameson's tirades against Spider-Man and other masked menaces. One day working at S-Mart, in the television department, he saw the news about the heroes in Times Square, killing everyone. It was time for him to do something. Grabbing a chainsaw and shotgun, he set out to become a hero.

Ashley Williams saw lots of strange things, including zombified heroes eating other heroes. He had some run-ins with them and put his chainsaw to good use. None of that prepared him for what he saw next. Ashley G. Williams saw Ashley J. Williams walking down the street with Dazzler. They were headed towards the Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange's place. He didn't know what to make of it. He stood there shocked until he was grabbed from behind by a zombie Howard the Duck and had the top of his head bitten off.

Dazzler cried out seeing "Ash" bitten. She tries to blind him with her powers but he can still smell her. Howard's about to get her when our Ash greets him with his chainsaw. Proud of his work, Ash thinks he'll be getting thanks from Dazzler when Howard's upper torso tries to attack again. He is frozen by the Scarlet Witch, who arrives just in time. Not taking any chances, Ash kicks Howard into a million pieces. Ash is not bothered in the slightest upon seeing the other Ash lying on the ground. This causes Scarlet Witch to believe his previous story of being from another reality to save their world.

Scarlet Witch tells them how all of the Avengers have been affected. Colonel America put out a call to all Avengers and reserve Avengers to report to the Avengers Mansion. All of them were infected as a result. Scarlet Witch survived because she ran away. She knew there wasn't much she could do so she left. There was once chance, Ash. It turns out that she had grabbed this Ash from behind before Howard arrived. Scarlet Witch's story is interrupted by the arrival of Zombie Thor.

They begin running across the street to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorium. Dazzler says she saw him upstairs in the window earlier. Scarlet Witch says that Stephen in on a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier with the few surviving heroes trying to start a resistance. Ash busts down the door ready to get another deadite.

They find Dr. Druid feasting on Wong. He says that he went to Stephen's to try to find a cure. He's been using his powers to try to keep the infection from taking him over. He still gets the eating urges and couldn't help himself his Wong. Ash says they know how to stop it and need to know where the library is. Druid says it upstairs. He asks Ash if he thinks he can reverse the infection. Ash answers no along with shooting off his head.

In the library, Ash warns Dazzler not to simply start grabbing books as some of them may bite. He picks one up with fire tongs and asks it where the Necronomicon is. The book tells him to "get bent" so he throws it in the fireplace. Grabbing another, this one is quicker to cooperate. The book is in Latveria.

They manage to make their way to Scarlet Witch's quinjet (after some more zombie run-ins) and fly to Latveria. They fill in Ash on its ruler, Doom and that it may not be an easy task to get the book. Looking out the window at Doom's castle, it seems they are not the firsts to arrive.


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Ash, Zombies and Dazzler... what more do you want? 0

Ok, the explanation for the cliff hanger at the end of issue #2 was actually kinda funny. The series has failed in attaining the same entertainment value as the original Marvel Zombies mini-series, but is along the line of the Army of Darkness series. You're getting what you should expect and not much more, which is fine.One scene in particular in Doctor Strange's library is especially like the Army of Darkness series and kinda funny. The cameo appearance by Power Pack is down right creepy howev...

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