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Spider-Man hops on Hawkeye and threatens to eat his brains if they don't give the webbed-up Ash to him. He is cautioned against that mainly because once they are zombified, they don't taste good. Spider-Man argues that he had to lug Ash around and listen to him talk nonstop. Ash tries to crawl away as they discuss this. Finally Cap says they may need Hawkeye later and allows Spider-Man to have Ash.

They swing away and once they reach a roof top and Spidey lets Ash down, Ash tries attacking him. Spider-Man quickly points out that he is still human. It seems his powers are working to keep off the affects of Colonel America's bite.

Spider-Man soon takes off when he's reminded of Aunt May and Mary Jane. Ash calls after him as the Punisher comes up behind him. As the Punisher admires Ash's chainsaw, he discovers that he's trying to save this world from the deadites. Frank tells Ash that if he helps him first, then he'll help Ash find the Necronomicon.

Frank busts in on a meeting between the Kingpin, Hammerhead and the Owl. Kingpin insists that they are now on the same side, humans versus zombie. Frank disagrees as he doesn't think Kingpin was ever human and shoots them.

As they are about to leave Fisk Tower, they see that the zombie infection is spreading. Ash sees Thunderball cornered by a bunch of super zombies. He tells Frank that he's not infected. Frank doesn't care because he's a criminal too. He goes out shooting at all of them. The bullets aren't having too much of an effect as they overcome and do away with the Punisher.

Ash decides that he works best alone. He says he doesn't need a partner until he sees Winter Soldier trying to take a bite out of Dazzler. As Winter Soldier tells Dazzler to give him "some sugar," Ash informs him that that is his line and shoots his head off. Dazzler thanks Ash as he checks out her...assets. He claims he's checking her for zombie bites.

As they walk away, Ash tells Dazzler his situation and about the Necronomicon. When she realizes they're in Greenwich Village, she takes Ash to Stephen Strange's sanctum sanctorium. Dazzler fills Ash in on who Dr. Strange is has he's grabbed from behind.

Hearing a big "crunch!" behind her, Dazzler turns to see where Ash is. She sees Ash apparently with the top of his head missing lying in the lap of a zombified Howard the Duck.

To be continued?


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What is with the zombie fascination? I'm not knocking it. I love this series. Marvel Zombies wasn't a mastepiece or anything but it cracks you up. It's amazing that Marvel is willing to let their characters be protrayed in this dark light. And here we also have Ash. Put the two together and you get a whole lot of mayhem.This was by no means, a perfect story. But just the nature of it makes it great. The site of Spider-Man sitting on Hawkeye's back with his head in his mouth threatening t...

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Bruce Campbell and Zombies... what more do you want? 0

This series is simply trying to give you a fun read, and it succeeds. I mean if you're expecting great characterization and a complicated plot... while knowing full well that this is about Ash from the Evil Dead movies trying to survive Marvel Zombies... well your looking to be disappointed.Of course Ash isn't quite as funny as Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead II, but this is the character from the Army of Darkness comic books and not the movies. It's still the same character however, as Ash isn't qu...

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