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Zombies everywhere!!!

This is the second coming of Watchmen! Ok... just kidding. Whenever I hear about a crossover between comic book characters and a licensed property I usually groan. These are usually total garbage. Do we need another X-Men/Star Trek crossover?

This however totally works. Maybe being a fan of the Evil Dead films clouds my judgment, but having Ash in the Marvel Zombies Universe feels natural. Ash's humor is a perfect fit.

Another thing that this series has going for it, is that everything is in continuity... not only with Marvel Zombies, but with the Army of Darkness comics. That alone is highly unusual for this type of crossover. While it continues where the Army of Darkness book left off, it's actually a prequel of Marvel Zombies as Ash arrives in their universe before the Zombie outbreak occurs. Which is great since we get to see him interact with characters like Spider-Man and the Avengers while they're still normal.

This is by no means a character study, or destined to win any awards... but it's just a really fun book to read. I highly enjoyed it, and would expect anyone who liked the original Marvel Zombies mini-series to find this highly entertaining.


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