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Supreme Snackers



It appears that the Squadron Supreme have become zombies!?!

The Good

The artwork for this issue is very well done.  First off, the cover is gorgeous, and interiors work great for this story.  Also, the Squadron Supreme are in it (sort of) and a very surprising appearance by former Bucky and anti-SHRA hero Battlestar.


The Bad

Zombies.  More zombies, and what do zombies do...they eat people.  Not only do they eat people, they (mostly Hyperion) make jokes!?!  Since when does Hyperion, in any reality, have a sense of humor?


The Verdict - 2.5/5

Overall it was a so-so issue, I liked the art throughout and always enjoy the Squadron Supreme and Battlestar.  I'm glad I borrowed this issue instead of buying it.  I love these characters , but was disppointed by the bulk of the issue.


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