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Review: Marvel Zombies Supreme #1

A special ops team heads to Project Pegasus for a bizarre, perilous mission to take down a zombified Squadron Supreme.

The Good

Blanco's work is quite solid and he shows an impressive range throughout the issue as he alternates between realistic rendering and a more retro comic-booky style for the flashbacks. Even without the greatly effective mood created by the inks and coloring, there's a real, appropriate sense of desperation underlying his art here, even during the most super-heroic potions.

The Bad

This feels like it's in a perilous no man's land between tones. You really don't get the over-the-top outrageousness you'd expect from another book in this mega-series, yet it's really hard to take a book about a zombie JLA that seriously. The banter between the spec ops. tries to lighten the mood, but it all felt flat, like there needed to be a laugh track to help it.

The Verdict - 2/5

It feels like the Marvel Zombies notion ran its course  a couple years ago, yet here is the mini-series, keeping the whole thing alive past shelf date like a zombie itself. Maybe its' simply because zombies don't really work as an exploitative ingredient for me, but I was really enjoying this only for the art, as Blanco does demonstrate some great versatility.


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Posted By Meteorite

I'm picking this up solely for the Squadron Supreme

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Posted By sgoodwi

marvel zombies supreme #1 is the best

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