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Straight from the Dark Reign comes…The Hood! What the cloaked criminal wants, he gets—and he's after the zombie virus to wipe out the heroes once and for all! But standing in his way are the Midnight Sons—and they're not heroes…they're monsters! For the first time in many years, The Hood and his super-villain syndicate know fear...but where Parker Robinson goes, can the dread Dormammu be far behind? The awful answers are supplied by Fred Van Lente and Kev Walker, the team that praised for, “taking the MARVEL ZOMBIES franchise in a brand new, invigorating direction!”

Story Opens with Jennifer Kale doing a video testament for her friend and fellow witch, Topaz. She tells her she wants to prove her self as a trusted member of the Midnight Sons. She tells her how after the attack by the zombie Siege, she went into a catatonic shock. She was later found by Morbius and she instead that she wanted to help the Midnight Sons fight the new zombie threat. She then tells her is she doesnt make it out alive then she is giving Topaz the Tome of Zhered-Na. And to be strong unlike she was.

Back in Taino in the West Indies the ship of zombified men-fish almost make it to shore but right before it can reach land, the ship blows up in a massive ball of fire. Jennifer Kale teleports Morbius and Werewolf of the ship before the explosion, while Hellstorm who caused the explosion survives the flames. Morbius yells at Hellstorm claiming that there might have been survivors on the ship while Hellstorm doesn't seem think of it. Jennifer stps the fight and her powers find where Deadpool and Simon Garth have gone.

Meanwhile in New York City, in Hells Kitchen, the Hood makes his plans to get the zombie virus from Black Talon, however, three of his gang members Crossfire, Centurious, an Mandrill are trying to convince him not to take the virus due to the fact that it destroyed the alternate universe. It soon turns out that Dormammu is telling the Hood on the other side that he wants the virus. Hood tells the gang that they will rise the price of the virus before Dr. Doom or Maggia cant take the virus. The Hood's gang tries to reason with him but Hood ends up winning, he and the Night Shift then take off to Taino to counter Black Talon.

Back on Taino in Black Talon's Plantation, Deadpool is locked in a bird cage and Simon Garth is chained in Black Talon's Dungeon. On the plantation, Black Talon meets The Hood who has the Night Shift accompanying him. They are about to make the deal until Dormammu warns Hood that the Midnight Sons are in the area. Hood and the Night Shift leave the meeting.

Moments later the Midnight Sons show up in a cemetery with many open graves. All of a sudden Morbius gets crushed in the face by Digger's shovel. Tatterdemalion then jumps Werewolf from behind and scorches his skin.

Needle then stabs Hellstorm in the chest with his electric needle with the Hood behind him. Jennifer tries to fight Dansen Macabre but her spells don't work on her. Digger then tries to bury Morbius alive but he springs back up do to blood touching his lips making him strong with his bloodlust. He springs from the grave and stabs Diger in the head with his own shovel followed by Werewolf slashing his chest. Hellstorm burns the needle out of his heart and the torches Tatterdemalion while Jennifer blasts a spell at Needle knocking him down while Morbius then attacks Dansen and bits her in the neck taking her blood.

Back in the dungeon, Deadpool manages to bit one of the guards hand while still in the cage turning the guard into a zombie and bitting the other guard. At that moment Deadpool and Simon Girth manage to escape.

Back outside, a group of zombie o out to attack both teams. Morbius then manages to use his vaccine gun on them. The zombies blow up but a green mist comes out of there bodies and kills the Night Shift. It turns out the vaccine makes the zombie virus air born. As Jennifer freaks out she is all of a sudden in the presence of Dormammu who offers her power if he comes with her.


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