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Damn good

As a fan of horror and of comics, it is a trill to see the Midnight Sons back in action.  Even though it is not the 1990s version of the team, this line up is the cats meow.  Morbius is without a doubt one of my favorite Marvel Characters of all time.  He rock in Marvel Zombies 3 because all the characters in that story don't get the recognition that characters like Spider-Man or the hulk get.  Also I glad to see Werewolf in the pages of marvel again.  Also I'm starting to be a big fan of Hellstorm.  I just finished reading part 3 of the Max series that he is in with the Egyptian underworld and it kicked ass!!!  Plus what can I say, Jennifer Kale is a babe.  I hope the Witches get back together.  No Man-Thing yet so I'm excited to see how he gets introduced.  

It's cool how the team is mixed into one.  Morbius, Werewolf, and Man-Thing have been in a team before called the Legion of Monsters but also Werewolf has tangled with Man-Thing but also is a good friend of Morbius.  Plus Morbius and Jennifer have worked in A.R.M.O.R. so they see eye to eye.  As for Hellstorm him and Morbius I don't think have ever teamed or even came together at any major event until now and Morbius seems a little nervous about him.  So it will be cool to see how those two work out and also if there is a little flair between Hellstorm and Jennifer Kale.

Also I love Deadpool in this.  The Merc with only a mouth is edgy, kickass and as funny as ever.  Plus his team up with another Marvel horror legend Simon Garth is great!!!!  Best team up ever.  I PREY FOR A SPIN OFF!!!!!!! LOL.  Also as is a zombie evil isn't bad enough, now the Hood and his Gang are put into this story.

The cover art is great.  The alternate one the Legion of Monsters is wild.  So I can't wait to see what happens next issue.  Hopefully we get more Marvel Horror Legends into the mix.

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