Marvel Zombies 4 #1

    Marvel Zombies 4 » Marvel Zombies 4 #1 - Midnight Sons: Part 1 released by Marvel on June 2009.

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    The acclaimed creative team behind MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 returns…with another adventure that takes place in the Marvel U! The vampire. The witch. The werewolf. The muck-monster. The devil. They're nobody's idea of heroes, but they're all that stands between our world and an unstoppable apocalypse! They're the new Midnight Sons, and their quest to track down the undead who escaped from A.R.M.O.R. will lead them around the globe—and right to a cruise ship overrun with undead undersea-dwelling cannibals! Can this monstrous team stop the "red tide" before it unleashes untold horror upon the mainland? Not if the Merc With Only a Mouth has anything to say about it! Yes, writer Fred Van Lente and artist Kev Walker—the guys who made say “MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 may actually rank as the best in the series”—are back again, unleashing the flesh-eaters for another roller coaster ride of gore, action, gore, thrills, gore and gore!


    Story opens with a video journal by Morbius to his ex-wife Martine. He explans to her what he has been up to and what his current situation at A.R.M.O.R. is.

    In the ocean near San Juan, a gigantic cruise ship known as the Tranquility and the people is carrying is under a mass attack by a big number of sea monster called men-fish that the escapes zombies have bitten. As the Men Fish feed, a big portal opens and four people walk out. Jack Russell aka Werewolf By Night jumps out vicious goring the zombie Men-Fish. Jennifer Kale blasts a powerful spell on them while Daimon Hellstorm blasts reign of fire on them. Another one of Kale's spells sends many glass pieces cutting threw the men-fish. Morbius flies down holding two guns called pneumatic rifles which fire a small canister of oxidized bacteria which causes the men-fish two explode. It turns out Morbius found out that the zombie virus hides in the bone marrow because it can't survive in oxygen. He also made a vaccine protecting them from getting bitten.

    Meanwhile near the island Nation of Taino in the Caribbean Sea, Simon Garth walks out of the water holding the head of the zombie Deadpool. It turns out zombie was kept captive by A.R.M.O.R. and escaped during the zombie attack the zombie Morbius let out in A.R.M.O.R. He then grabbed the still living head of Deadpool which has being tested on and then activated the portal at A.R.M.O.R. It was also them that turned the men-fish into zombies. As they make it on shore. They come across a cocaine lab surrounded by zombies. Turns out it is run by a bokor named Black Talon. Turns out Simon where the same mystical necklace that Black Talon has. He then sends Simon and Deadpool to a dungeon but not with out Deadpool going down without a fight.

    Back on the ship, Kale tells Morbius that the ship is heading toward land with no way of stopping. If they don't stop the ship soon the virus will spread. Morbius who is with Werewolf, are at the bottom of the ship where they discover survivors who are torn up to shreds. Morbius then discovers eggs with baby Men-Fish in them. All of a sudden a giant zmbie version of Piranha burts out of the water attacking Werewolf and Morbius.

    Back in Taino, Black talon is talking to one of his buys on the phone. He tells him he has a weapon that can kill all of the super heros and is offering to sell it to him. The buyer turns out to be The Hood.


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    As a fan of horror and of comics, it is a trill to see the Midnight Sons back in action.  Even though it is not the 1990s version of the team, this line up is the cats meow.  Morbius is without a doubt one of my favorite Marvel Characters of all time.  He rock in Marvel Zombies 3 because all the characters in that story don't get the recognition that characters like Spider-Man or the hulk get.  Also I glad to see Werewolf in the pages of marvel again.  Also I'm starting to be a big fan of Hellst...

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