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The epic battle of Zombie vs. Robot shambles on! All that stands between the flesh-crazed armies of the Marvel Zombies and the entirety of the Marvel Universe is…Aaron "Machine Man" Stack? And if he has to shoot, slice, explode, melt, dissolve, chop, crush, dismember, fry, electrocute, bludgeon, blast, harpoon, and, of course, insult every super-powered cannibal in the Zombieverse, well, that's just what he's gonna do. But unbeknownst to him, the Zombie Kingpin has already hatched a fiendish plot to ensure that all of the M.U. will be consumed by an undead apocalypse!


Back in the normal world, Morbius is being eaten by his zombie counter part but his healing prevents him from dying. But at the same time the zombie Morbius is dying of hunger.

Back in the zombie world Jocasta is being tormented by the zombie Wasp.

Meanwhile Machine Man is fighting against a massive horde of Marvel Zombies. He gets attacked by Absorbing Man ducking his mace. He then tries to absorb his metal but absorbs ower from another zombie by accident. Machine Man shots him from behind.

He then gets confronted by zombie Stilt Man. He chop's his head off easily.

After the fight he spots zombie Dr. Strange watching A.R.M.O.R. in a portal and is confronted by King Pin saying that is how he found out about the real Marvel world and sent a zombie spy to penetrate The Hollow. As soon as Jocasta returns with the Blood sample, the infection will begin. At that point Machine Man almost shots King Pin but is grabbed by zombie Medusa. He blasts her in the head from above. He is then charged at by zombie Ghost Rider but quickly has his head cut off.

Elsewhere in the zombie universe, A zombie Vision is strapped up by many mechanical devices by a zombie Scarlet Witch.

Machine Man then races off to Jacasta on Ghost Rider's bike before she can get back to the portal to the real world, but after and attack by a zombie Speed Demon, Whizzer, and Quicksilver, Machine Man violently crashes the bike.

Back at A.R.M.O.R. a female worker finds the real Morbius but is attacked by the zombie Morbius. She then turns into a zombie and attacks another worker.

Else where A.R.M.O.R. soldiers are surrounded by a mass zombie army.

Back in the zombie universe, Jocasta is picked up by Little sky and enters the portal assuming Machine Man is dead.

Miles away Machine Man lies torn apart, flesh melted and dying.



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