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The monster hit shambles on! The intrepid robot heroes Machine Man and Jocasta have journeyed into the Zombieverse to secure the one item needed to save the Marvel Universe from undead infestation – but first they have to blast their way through the flesh-eating hordes of the Zombie Kingpin of New York! That’s right, writer Fred Van Lente (INCREDIBLE HERCULES) and artist Kev Walker (ANNIHILATION: NOVA) are going to reveal what happened during the five-year gap at the end of the original MARVEL ZOMBIES!


Machine Man, Jocasta, and Director Little Sky arrive in the zombie world only Little Sky leaves them behind. They go searching fr the blood sample Morbius wants. It is revealed the Machine Man has n real care for people like he once did which discuses Jocasta. All of a sudden zombie versions of Vulture, Falcon, Angel, and beak attack Machine man and Jocasta from the sky. Beak grabs Machine Man only to have his head blasted off by Machine Man. Falcon rips off Jocasta's leg to only have it blow up and killing zombie Falcon. Machine Man then throws a big buzz saw right threw Angel and Jocasta rips out most of his intestines but flies away. However Machine man blasts a rocket at him.

Meanwhile zombie Diablo and Scorpion bring cans of food to Leader who is giving the food to a zombified King Pin and his wife Vanessa.

Machine Man then try to break into King Pin's building which is strongly guarded but they get a chance to sneak in. They see a group of Zombies lead by a zombie Black Bolt move out of a portal to King Pin and Jackal. They here about the agent in the other world and something about spreading the gospel. Jackal has also made clones of humans for the zombies to feast on. The two are then spotted by Vanessa how thinks they work for her husband. After they say they are travelers she says "Oh like the man on the flying surfboard."

It turns out years ago zombie ate the Silver Surfer and then gained some of his powers. They then left to find more flesh. This was the same time that Wilson Fisk was shot and infected by the first wave of the zombie attack. But he controlled his huner over his wife and protected her and then started his empire in NYC. But Vanessa agrees to give the two robots some of her blood.

They are about to leave the dimension until they see the human clones being eaten. Machine Man sees then being treated like robots. He decides to stay and save the clones while Jocasta goes back with the blood sample.


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Marvel Zombies 3 #2 0

Someone needs to be sent into the zombie world to help get an ingredient for a potenial cure. Naturally, we send robots. This issue follows a bunch of characters you don't really care about, and is very lacking in the zombie department. While there are some decent one-off comments, like Machine Man's commentary on humans and Jocasta's "outfit", it's not enough to remove the feeling that it was rushed. There was a good mid-issue twist, but panel to panel, not very consistent - I found myself maki...

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