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Pleasently Suprised!


As stated above, I was pleasantly surprised by this issue. Hold on to your hats, but before this issue, I had yet to read any of the previous Marvel Zombies titles. Despite the rabid reviews by critics and fans alike, I just couldn't bring myself to pick up a copy. So what compelled me this time around? Machine Man and Jocasta. I am a huge fan of obscure characters, of which this issue has plenty. Right off the bat, we are introduced to The Initiative' Florida based group The Command. The Command consists of former Deathlok ally/enemy Siege(group leader), sorceress Jennifer Kale, and fellow 70s' cast off Aquarian(sometimes called Wundarr), with new arrival the Conquistador.

The team answers a call of superhuman problems during a local swamp tour, but find no survivors, save one. Surprise it's a zombie! And before Siege can finish saying that they're going to help her, she's snackin' on his cheek. The $#!+ really hits the fan, when zombie Deadpool, the merc with half a mouth shows up. 'Pool showing concern that Kale is a magic user goes right for her. Aquarian gets bit, with the zombie Deadpool saying "MMMM! October 1973! YUMM!" (note: Aquarian debuted in Oct. 1973) shortly before 'Pool gets sent into the blade of a swamp boat. The Conquistador is literally torn limb from limb. And Siege shuts down after his cyborg parts recognize his biological side dead.

After the the encounter, the survivors are taken to A.R.M.O.R. 's HQ, and we find Morbius and Charles Little Sky(formerly the Darkhawk foe Portal) as the head of the organization. Machine Man is brought in because they need a pure sample of the zombies from there earth and Machine Man can not be infected. After he says no, they reveal that Jocasta will be going with or without him. Aaron decides to go with her, given their history together. At issues end we find out that the Morbius we see in the issue, is actually a zombie Morbius in disguise.

Bottom line, this was a fun issue. Fred Van Lente shows his knowledge of the characters in the series, with good mix of action, humor, and twists. I have never been that taken with Kev Walker's art in the past, but it works extremely well for this series. I would definitely recommend this issue, and can't wait for the next issue.

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