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    Volume » Published by Marvel. Started in 2007.

    Volume 2.

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    It is revealed that after 40 years, the zombies have eaten and devoured the vast majority of the "Known Universe". In addition, Thanos the Titan, Gladiator, Phoenix and Firelord (who is missing his lower jaw) have been infected. Thanos is killed after he and Hulk have a quarrel over food. The infected heroes decide to rebuild the device built by Reed Richards to cross-over to other dimensions, giving them a limitless supply of food. During the journey,they find a living planet they had missed previously, Giant Man was shocked that they could be so blind to miss it. Near the end of the planet eating, both Luke Cage and Spiderman realize that the hunger is slowly fading. Nowadays,Black Panther rules over new

    Wakanda where the surviving humans all live. Black Panther's grandson discovers the head of Hawkeye who has gone insane, due to his lack of human contact for 40 years.

    Cortez sends an assasin who almost kills black panther. He was saved when Wasp bit him and infected him with the virus,turning him into a zombie.The Wasp is almost overcome with the hunger and almost ate Black Panther's wife but Black Panther stopped her.After that,they feasted on the assasin afterwards.Then,they locked themselves in to prevent themselves from losing control and killing and eating people again.After a while,they walked out as their hunger has faded.Hawkeye's head is now re-attached to a robotic body.However,they walked out to find Cortez who had assembled a lot of people to see that the leader of Wakanda is a monster.

    However,the marvel zombies returned at this moment and the Hulk started eating people.Giant man stopped him and announced that he is gonna turn Wakanda into a breeding camp so that they can dine on human flesh forever.Zombie Spiderman attacked Giant-man,saying that he won't let him do that.The marvel zombies then started to fight with luke cage and spidey against everyone else.Reynolds then activate a force-field and Gladiator is locked inside with them.He then announced that he is gonna eat everything inside the force field.In the end,Gladiator is killed by black panther,spiderman,luke cage and forge in a old iron-man suit.

    After that,the marvel zombies returned to the Baxter Building,only to find the dimension portal missing.Forge then re-attached mechanical parts to the zombies who have missing body parts after the fight.Forge then shows them that he had hid the inter-dimensional portal and that forge had used Black Panther's son,T' channa to revive Colonel America's brain and he is now brain-damaged.

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