Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2

    Marvel Two-in-One Annual » Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 - Death Watch! released by Marvel on May 1977.

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    "It's 3 a.m., you are asleep and your name is Peter Parker." With those words we find Peter Parker (Spider-Man) sleeping uncomfortably at home and having very bad dreams. In these dreams, the Avengers, Adam Warlock, and Captain Marvel are battling Thanos in space. In short order, after stopping Thanos' horrifically grand plans of destroying half the stars in the universe, the Avengers are one by one cut down and Adam Warlock dies at Thanos' hands. With the Avengers in stasis, Thanos takes the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock's corpse and we realize that though he can no longer snuff out half the suns in the universe, he can still use the Soul Gem to put out our own sun...

    At that point, Parker awakens, and realizes that this was a telepathic "SOS" from Moondragon. Knowing this is out of his league, Spidey suits up and looks for help at the logical place- the Baxter Building.

    Inside the FF's headquarters, Ben is curled up on a couch reading "Salem's Lot" when Spidey startles him from the darkness above. After a cup of coffee and a short chat, Ben decides its worth checking out and the two head for space in a shuttle Reed had wanted Ben to test. Thanos' giant space ark isn't hard to find, and the two land and are immediately mobbed. Its all going surprisingly well until someone cuts the gravity and the two are suddenly sitting ducks.

    Cut to Lord Chaos and Master Order, two mysterious cosmic entities who comment on the loss of Ben and Spidey, but focus their attention on Adam Warlock, finally at peace within the Soul Gem that long rested on his brow.

    Ben and Spidey come to on the floor in front of the stasis-frozen Avengers and at the feet of Thanos, who informs them that he'll shortly be destroying their sun and solar system all for his love of the personification of Death...


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