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      Ben's in the Baxter Building, next to Dr. Doom's time machine. Silently looming over him is the Watcher. We learn that the Watcher had just sent the FF back into the 1940s to retrieve half of a lost canister of vibranium. Ben recaps the FF issue in which this occurred for us. Trying to figure out why the Watcher would still be present if the crisis is over, Ben eventually comes to the conclusion that the other half of the canister must still be lost in the 1940s. As the present begins to fade out around him (apparently due to the effects of the canister back in the past), Ben sets the time machine for the '40s and departs.
     Ben finds himself in the middle of Times Square, and he's promptly accosted by the police. Things go less than smoothly, but Ben is 'saved' when the police are distracted by a squadron of German planes thst buzz the city. A nearby kid identifies them as belonging to a German raider called Skyshark. History has obviously been put out of whack by the presence of the missing vibranium...
     As Ben watches, the flying members of the Liberty Legion arrive and take the fight to the bombers. Ben and the non-flying members introduce themselves and compare notes while the rest of the Legion drives off the planes. The fight over, all eight heroes gather back on a handy rooftop, and Ben and the Liberty Legion combine forces to try to figure out where Skyshark came from and where the vibranium is...    

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