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Ben, Reed, Gorgon, and Karnak are discussing the three captive thieves from last issue. While they recap the events of issue 71, we cut to Maelstrom, who takes possession of the stolen anti-terrigen compound. He orders it sent to the labs, and sends his attendant, Deathurge, to attend to the other minions.

As Ben and the two Inhumans confront the prisoners, Deathurge sudddenly flies through the wall, passes his battleaxe through Gronk, Helio, and Phobius, killing them instantly, and departs. The three witnesses to this gather with the other Inhumans, and its decided that they should search out Attilan's original location for clues. Ben, Gorgon, and Karnak depart in a borrowed submarine, while Reed remains to finish curing the Hydro-men.

In very little time, the three locate the old spot where Attilan had lain, and discover an undersea base blow it. They enter, and are almost instantlly captured by Maelstrom's defenses. Reed, meanwhile, has informed Black Bolt (the Inhumans' monarch) of the events of the day, and Bolt immediately departs for the trio's location himself...

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