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Thing, Deathlok, Wrestling

This issue is written and illustrated by Mark Gruenwald and John Byrne, so we're off to a good start. Add Deathlok, and you've got a good guest star, and every Marvel Two in One needs a guest star. Finally, we get some wrestling with Thundra, and I always love it when Thing comics explore the wrestling scene. Good issue.

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    Grim 0

    Pages 1-4: A Thing/Deathlok battle that has two shocks: Ben bleeding and the viciousness with which Ben reacts, utterly crushing Deathlok’s hand. A tense opening scene.Pages 5-9: Deathlok continues on his mission, eventually being attacked by Quasar. A sequence that serves two purposes: it illustrates that the Deathlok we knew and loved from his own series is long gone. This is a different character, really. And it shows us, again, what Quasar (still a relatively new character back then) c...

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