Marvel Team-Up #88

    Marvel Team-Up » Marvel Team-Up #88 - A Child is Waiting released by Marvel on December 1979.

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    Peter Parker is forced to attend a celebrity meeting, in which famous people like Henry Pym and his wife Janet are attending in order to gain some money which will help him get by. There she notices none other than beautiful Susan Storm Richards, the invincible girl! He follows her and takes her picture. Suddenly she receives a phone call which leaves her astounded. Peter decides to follow her as Spider-man after attaching a spider tracer to her bag.

    Sue reaches the house where Alicia Masters lives only to learn something terrible. Her son, Franklin has been kidnapped! The kidnappers suprised Alicia at the door of her house and took little Franklin with them. After a while the phone rings. The kidnappers request from Susan to rob a Maggia central bank in order to get her son back. Spider-man listens to their dialogue from the building's skylight. He decides to keep following her.

    Alicia reaches the house where the money is, and, despite a problem with her dress which was not treated with unstable chemical solution thus making her semi-visible at the beginning, manages to rob it. She tries to get away then Spider-man joins her and the Maggia starts chasing them after a while. Despite the fact that Spider-man doesn't know how to drive Johnny Storm's new red sports car they escape the thugs. Their destination is the NY Baseball stadium.

    There Susan has to stand in the middle of the pitch while a referee comes and takes the briefcase with the money. Straining herself Susan manages to make Spider-man invisible so that he can easily spy on the criminal. But the strain of making him invisible long enough so that he can cross the field and follow the thug combined with the distance he takes are too much for her and she collapses in the middle of the field. The thieves make a trick where many people appear around the stadium carrying the same bag in order to confuse the police. But in the end Spidey manages to follow the thug in the subway and over the train queue and the maintenance walkaway. But at a point a train passes and Spidey loses his target. But he is not alone. Alicia has followed him and knows where the thugs are: behind the subway's walls.

    The Gang is not called "hole in the wall" for nothing after all! Spidey and Susan fight them but Maggia arrives and they are overpowered! Susan finds her unconscious son but Maggia thugs enclose them in a corner and fire at them. Susan tries to protect them as well as she can creating an invisible field but they are almost done when...the police arrive1 Jean De Wolf is with them. Apparently Spidey informed her beforehand and lead her and her team to the gangster's nest. In the end all is fine but Spidey still wonders about his strange luck!



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    A Child Is Waiting 0

    Solid down-to-earth Spider-Man tale in Marvel Team-Up #88. Child kidnapping, rival mobsters and a car chase. There's even a Kojak reference! The child in question belongs to The Invisible Woman and there's a few nifty uses for her powers. It all zips by and I enjoyed every page. More than magic or outer space, this is the kind of Spider-Man tale I love:  A story that feels a bit like a '70s detective show.There's a cute moment, where Spidey confesses that he can't drive....

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