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Spider-Man and Werewolf by Night battle atop the Golden State Bridge! But wait…why are our two heroes fighting?

Needing to get away from New York and Gwen Stacy's death off his mind, Peter Parker had finagled an assignment in San Francisco out of J. Jonah Jameson. Now, as Spider-Man, he swings across the Golden Gate Bridge, where he is attacked by the Werewolf. Their scuffle ends when Spider-Man dodges a leap by the Werewolf, whose momentum carries him over the side and into the bay. While Spidey watches fruitlessly for some sign of his foe, a mysterious face materializes briefly behind him.

Having given up the Werewolf for lost, Peter finds a diner to order a meal. He notes that everyone in the place is in a mesmerized state. As he ponders this, the Werewolf bursts in, and he and Peter resume their conflict, while no one acts as if they notice. They crash out through the diner window where the Werewolf once again lunges for Peter, who evades the blow as the lycanthrope slams his head into a parked car.

Peter ascends to the rooftop to change into his Spider-Man costume as the diner's employees and customers, as well as others from the neighborhood, proceed, entranced, down the street. Then he witnesses the Werewolf revert to his human form, Jack Russell.

He brings Jack up to the roof and asks for an explanation. Jack introduces himself, and tells of how he, his sister Lissa, and their friend, Buck Cowan, took a trip to San Francisco in between full moons. They took in a magic show, in which the performer, Moondark, executed routine stage magic while he entranced his audience. Later, having sensed Jack's alter ego, Moondark brought him to his dressing room, then brought forth the Werewolf despite the lack of a full moon, and sent him through a misty portal to attack Spider-Man on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Jack leads Spidey to Moondark's theatre, but the mystic again causes the transformation, and the Werewolf attacks. The fight leads into Moondark's chamber, where Lissa and Buck stand hypnotized. Seeing the misty portal, Spider-Man kicks Moondark through it, but his momentum carries him along again to the bridge. Spider-Man's agility saves him, but the magician plummets into the waters below. With Moondark's influence ended, the Werewolf reverts to Jack, and Lissa and Buck come to.

[Note: the Werewolf's appearance here takes place between WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #8 AND #9.]


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