Marvel Team-Up #100

    Marvel Team-Up » Marvel Team-Up #100 - ...The Reason is Karma!; Cry... Vengeance! released by Marvel on December 1980.

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    Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four are unwilling heroes to a new mutant, a young woman who claims her siblings are in danger under her uncle's care.

    When Spider-Man is mysteriously possessed & appears to attempt to kidnap two small Vietnamese children, the Fantastic Four intervene. Spider-Man regained his senses, but was knocked unconscious by the Thing. After the fight Mr Fantastic scans Spider-Man's mind and sees that his mind had been switched off during the fight. A quick call to Professor Xavier confirms the presence of two mutants of great power.

    Using a portable Cerebro, they locate one of the mutants to a church and Spider-Man charges in attacking Father Bowen. However, the Human Torch is then possessed and the two heroes begin to fight inside the church until the Invisible Woman separates them with her force shield.

    There they meet Xi'an Coy Manh, a mutant refugee from Vientnam. She tells them the story of how her twin brother Tran works for her uncle, who happens to be an evil crime lord. All the heroes team up and attack Vietnamese smugglers. The attack is foiled when Tran knocks his sister unconscious and possesses the Fantastic Four and forces them to attack Spider-Man.

    Karma slowly regained her consciousness and begged her brother to stop. When he refused, she used her power to possess him, and absorbed him body & soul. The Fantastic Four regained their own consciousness and re-united Xi'an with her younger siblings. She leaves telling them that "Karma" (her new codename) will always be ready to help them in future.


    Storm and Black Panther team up to take on a foe of their own.


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