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Reprinting Spider-Man #39 and #40.

Spider-Man happens upon a hold-up occurring in broad daylight, on top of a building. He cannot believe how unprofessional the thieves are to pull a robbery right in plain view, but what he doesn’t know is that the robbery has been staged by the Green Goblin in an attempt to lure Spider-Man out and begin phase one of his plan!

Spidey has the boys on the run when one of them throws a gas bomb at him. The bomb explodes, but doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect on him that he can see. What he doesn’t realize is that the bomb is an invention of the Goblin’s that will SUPPRESS PETER’S SPIDER-SENSE! And so it is that the Green Goblin manages to follow Spider-Man after the battle without Pete having the slightest idea that he’s being watched!

The Goblin shadows Peter down to an abandoned alley, where the addled Spider-Man removes his costume and changes back into Peter Parker! Now the Goblin knows what Spider-Man looks like, surprised and impressed how young he is. Following him on to the Daily Bugle, he overhears someone calling out to Peter…Now the Goblin knows Spider-Man’s name! The Goblin is beside himself – the plan is working perfectly!

As Peter steps up to the lawn of the Parkers’ Forest Hills home, he is interrupted by the voice of a most unexpected visitor- The Green Goblin has arrived! As he hears the Goblin call out “Peter Parker”, he realizes the Goblin has somehow found out his secret identity, but before he can worry about that, he realizes there is a more urgent issue at hand- He has to get the Green Goblin away before he can get closer to the house where his ailing Aunt May is resting! 

The Goblin suffocates Peter with exhaust from his bat-glider, and has Pete on his toes dodging the crackling beams from his fingertips and the sharp bat blades, but it is too much for Peter to dodge forever, and he gets taken out by an asphyxiation grenade!

The Goblin ties Peter up and flies the beaten teen out to the waterfront docks, where he has a secret hideout within one of the huge warehouses. Securing Peter to a chair, the Goblin begins preparing his diabolical plans for Peter’s fate, and while Peter struggles to get free, the Goblin reveals the final shocker of the night- He unmasks himself in front of Peter- and he is none other than Harry’s father, NORMAN OSBORN!


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