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An instant classic

Wow what an excellent comic and on top of that an excellent series. This issue and it's series as a whole is an instant classic and I believe a most have for any comic collector hence the reason why I'm collecting it. Now this story itself is probably the most notable out of the whole series, why well because it has the first apperance of the symbiote ever which also increases the need to collect this issue. Me I found it at a great price ($5 in great condition) the story that this series has is simple it's the standard stop the bad guys and make it flashy in the process. Main reasons why to buy this comic/series, 
1. This is the first apperance of the symbiote. 
2. It was Marvels first large scale crossover.

3. It has all of the favorite heroes and villians in it. 
What is the buying range I would recommend for this comic, hmmmm great condition and no more than $15 grab it and buy it right away anything more you might want to think about it for a moment. 97/100 story, content, art, characters all great only thing that drives it down is that this series is hard for me to find! But still an instant classic and worth having, you know bragging rights.

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