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    Secret War # $ Hulk's Limitless Strength

    Deep down, underneath fifty billion tons stands the Hulk-- and he's not happy! Captain Marvel awakes and offers some light. The Hulk is suspending a small hollow for the heroes to operate within, but he says he can't hold it up much longer. Reed Richards wakes up and tries to come up with a plan. Using Iron Man's armor as an amplifier, he takes Spidey's web shooters and Hawekeye's electric arrows, all the while detailing his brilliant plan. Hulk gets angry, and tells Reed to shut up, and that Hulk is the one lifting up the mountain. "I see. Well, that's exactly the kind of self pitying mewling we've come to from you Hulk. You're correct; you are a brute! So keep using your muscle! That's all you're good for!" Reed goads, causing the Hulk to get really angry.

    With the added power of Captain Marvel and the Human Torch, Reed uses Iron Man's armor and blows a huge hole in the mountain, allowing them to escape to freedom. Once outside, Reed tells Hulk it was all a ploy just to get him angrier. Thor finds them. "I thought that tapping might have been you!" Cap comments, and Thor states that they must have been deep if his mightiest blows sounded like tapping. Captain Marvel circles Battle World, looking for a place where the heroes can rest and use as a base. She finds a small town full of aliens at the feet of Galactus, and decides they need to stay there. The natives are startled by their presence, but eventually welcome them.

    Though they don't speak the same language, Johnny Storm takes a liking to the town's healer. Ben Grimm suddenly turns into the Thing again. He's angry; why does this keep happening at the worst times possible? Reed has his suspicions, but he walks off to think. Suddenly, Galactus moves, and Reed realises something terrible is about to happen!

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