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    The heroes are dead. Captain America's shield is shattered. Zsaji sees what happened.

    Doom and Klaw converse. Klaw asks what Doom did, and starts to add doubt to Doom's ability to control his powers.

    Meanwhile, as the villains fly their suburb of Denver back home, the Enchantress uses a water elemental to find out what is happening on Battleworld. She fears the recent developments. The villains are all stir-crazy and fighting among themselves. Dr. Octopus confronts the Molecule Man, saying that even at lightspeed it will take forever to get home. But Reece shows him that he will teleport them home soon. Reece also shows Octopus that he has recreated the galaxy that the Beyonder destroyed in issue 1. Octopus can't believe such power exists, and Reece has to restrain him. At the same time, the Enchantress is going to use the energy in Volcana's soul to get back to Asgard. Volcana said she would pay any price to the Enchantress in issue 7 if she sent her to Reece, and now the Enchantress is collecting that debt. Reece intervenes and saves Volcana. The Enchantress teleports away to Battleworld, taking the Lizard with her. She seemingly kills the Lizard and tries to use his energy to get back to Asgard.

    Doom almost falls asleep; he is very tired. Klaw once again plays on his fears. He explains how the heroes could have survived: Zsaji could put them in medical stasis, then revive Colossus, dying herself. He could then revive Reed Richards using the alien healing machines, who then revives the others. All this, he says, because Doom used a dramatic bolt from the blue rather than just disintegrating them. And, perhaps, Doom subconsciously used his power to help all this along. Doom is angry, he says it can't be true.

    Then...Thor's hammer blasts through the walls. Doom's power starts to run amok. His mind is too unbalanced to use his power effectively, so Klaw asks for some, so he can fight the heroes. Klaw creates an army of monsters, and recreates Ultron, and attacks the now-alive heroes. It's a battle royale. The Thing turns back to his rock form, and realizes he can now consciously control his transformations. The Hulk dents Ultron's adamantium body, and the Wasp gets inside and blows him up. Captain America runs past Klaw to go inside; Klaw is seen to be happy with this development. Captain America confronts Doom, and Doom disintegrates him. But then Captain America is revived--by Doom's unconscious self-doubt, or some other force? He continues to kill him, only to see him resurrected. It turns out this is all Klaw's doing. The glowing light, which was originally in the Hulk, and then Spider-Woman, and then Klaw, now leaves Klaw and goes toward Doom. The light was the Beyonder, and he now reclaims his power from Doom. Doom and Klaw disappear in a flash of light.

    The heroes reconvene back at the base. Colossus mourns for Zsaji. Spider-Man finds out that he used the wrong costume-making machine, but doesn't realize the ramifications yet. The Hulk continues to lose his intelligence. The Lizard shows up in his human form as Curt Conners. Then the dragon Lockheed reappears. They realize that when Doom lost his power, the energy spread all over the planet, creating an atmosphere where wishes can come true. Captain America brings together all the pieces of his shield, and they are reformed into the shield's original shape.

    Reed Richards finds a way to teleport them all home. At first Colossus doesn't want to come, but eventually he agrees. Another dragon, similar to Lockheed, goes with them as well. The Thing says he's going to stay, since he can control his transformations, and the She-Hulk takes his place in the Fantastic Four. Everyone else leaves, leaving Ben Grimm alone on the planet.

    The end of this epic story has great ramifications throughout the Marvel Universe. Plot threads from this issue continue in Thing #11, Fantastic Four #265, Amazing Spider-Man #252, Avengers #243, and Secret Wars II #1.


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