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As Gamma Rays permeate the Marvel Universe, the SUPER HERO SQUAD find that they are not immune to the phenomenon when an anomalous Fractal puts the Hulk on everyone within it's range!

Hulked-Out Squaddies!

Doctor Doom is in his mansion thinking of ways to put an end to the Super Hero Squad. M.O.D.O.K. overhears Doctor Doom thinking out loud and devises a plan. He would like to exploit Hulk's vast intelligence via a fractal to "stupify" the rest of the heroes in Super Hero Squad. M.O.D.O.K heads for Super Hero Park to create a scene and draw the Squad's attention. The Super Hero Squad arrives and tries to stop all the commotion when he springs the trap, "hulking out" the entire squad. The team of super villains attacks. Hulk drops the fractal and everyone is returned to normal and they chase the villains away.

A Very Loki Day!

Loki is sulking in Asgard, jealous of Thor's popularity with everyone. He looks into his "mystic scrying pool" to see what the squad is up to. He sees them in Super Hero Park all hulked-out and decides to take advantage of their temporary state. He teleports in, grabs Thor, and returns to the castle. He tries to show Thor off to the Asgardians in his "stupid state" to humiliate him and gain favor over him. When this doesn't work, he takes Thor-Hulk to see Odin and Frigga for the same reason. They pay no attention and so Loki tries one more time in front of the Warriors Three. Soon after Thor is returned to normal for no apparent reason and captures Loki.

Unstung Hero!

Ant-Man is riding on the back of a bumblebee through Super Hero Park when he runs into the Heroes. Just as he stops to chat, they're all Hulked-out. Hank, being one of the most intelligent Marvel characters, retains his brains even as Ant-Hulk. He knows how to return everyone to normal as he saw the fractal in (the real) Hulk's hand. He makes way towards it. Flying through the battle he reaches Hulk's hand and is able to pry it from his grasp--turning all heroes back to normal. He fly's away.


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SynopsisThis issue is one story split into three separate viewpoints. It is well put together and fun to read--yes I know this is supposed to be a kids book! The GoodI hate to say this (as I mention it in all my reviews--well almost) the Art. Super Hero Squad-ish art reminds me of the good 'ol days of Saturday morning cartoons. The good news is you don't have to read these on Saturday to enjoy them! I like the hard-line of the pencils and the colors add extra "environment" to each panel. I also ...

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