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Christmas with the Squaddies!

My son and I were disappointed when we got this issue and it said this will be the last one.  This is one we really enjoy reading together and have a load of laughs with it.  Always a good story, with lots of fun and a decent message behind it.  This one being no different.
The premise is, Santa runs into the Helicarrier and Santa gets hurt.  So, the Squaddies have to step up and deliver some presents for the big guy.  All in their own unique way.  Right off, we get a good thing to talk with the kids about.  Santa tells the Squddies, just because things done go your way, you need to roll with the punches and make the best of it.  We had a good chat about what that meant to us and why it's important.  I think the message was received load and clear.  That's awesome.
Of course, Hulk is one of the best parts for my son.  He loves him.  Always good for a couple of belly laughs.  
The second story involves the X-Men and I like the message here.  They relate Rudolph as a mutant and how even though someone is different, they have their own talents.  We talked about this as well.  How, we may not be the same, but we have to accept others for what they are and what are the good points about that person.  Maybe their difference is something that makes them special.  Good message there again.
My son rated this a 4.5 and I have to agree.  Not quite as funny as issues past, but some great messages for everybody.  I hope this group comes back in another series.  We liked it a lot!

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