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The Contest begins...

At North Pole, Daredevil, Darkstar and Talisman battle against Invisible Woman, Iron Fist and Sunfire for the first part of the Sphere of Life. Sunfire flies around searching for the object and Darkstar goes after him and captures him with her dark powers. Invisible Woman becomes invisible and tries to defeat Talisman, but his astral form senses her and then he uses his bull-roarer to defeat Sue. Daredevil fights Iron Fist. Sunfire uses all his power to escape from Darkstar and that breaks the ice above the heroes, showing up the glowing Sphere. All at once tries to get it, but at the end it Dardevil gets it moments before Sue.

In another place, in a strange Ghost Town, another battle begins - Iron Man, Sabra and Arabian Knight against She-Hulk, Captain Britain and Defensor. The Arabian Knight and Sabra refuse to fight a battle together because of their origin - Jewesh and Arabian - and they leave Iron Man alone. Another fight starts between She-Hulk and Defensor because of his machism and then the other group also split up. She-Hulk thorws Arabian Knight away as he said he could easiy defeat a woman. Then Sabra figths She-Hulk. Iron Man finds Defensor inside a bar and Captain Britain jumps on Arabian Knight's flying carpet and another battle begins. In the sky, She-Hulk punches Sabra to the ground but the Arabian Knight saves her with his carpet. Sabra doesn't apreciate instead. Captain Britain knocks out the Arabian Knight but Sabra steals his scepter and he fells down on top of the Defensor, leaving Iron Man alone to fight against She-Hulk. Iron Man uses his repeller ray on her and when she passes out he gets worried. Taking advantage of that, the Arabian Knight gets the Sphere and the game is tied.

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