Marvel Spotlight #8

    Marvel Spotlight » Marvel Spotlight #8 - The Hordes of Hell released by Marvel on February 1973.

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    After returning from a Hell dimension where he was forced to duel his “father”, Johnny Blaze ends up on the wrong side of Sam Silvercloud, an Apache tribesman who wants to prevent Copperhead Canyon from becoming a tourist attraction for stunt riders.

    The book opens with Crash Simpsons and Johnny Blaze about to battle. Before they start Ghost Rider insists before they battle Roxanne be released to safety. She refuses to leave, but when Satan sees that Crash will not fight while Roxanne is in danger, so Satan transports the two combatants to hell.

    There they fight and Ghost Rider tries to convince Crash he is being duped by Satan, when Ghost Rider is attacked by a demon. He is held when Satan appears. He tells crash to land the killing blow and send Ghost riders soul to hell. Ghost Rider tells him Satan only wants to deceive and destroy. In the end Crash releases Ghost rider.

    This causes Satan to be angry so he sends the demon after both, Crash turns to destroy the demon and ends up dying again. Ghost Rider carries him to an alter says a few words and begins to change to Johnny Blaze.

    When he wakes he is next to Roxxie. She is wondering why she is in an outlandish costume. They leave the church, and Roxxie mentions a show they have to do at copperhead canyon.

    When they arrive they are greeted by Sam Silvercloud. Johnny Blaze rides with him, and in the middle of the ride Silvercloud pulls a gun on Johnny Blaze. " We are trying to take the Canyon back for our people " Sivercloud tells him. He is afraid if Johnny Blaze jumps it it will become to famous to be given back to his people.

    Silvercloud tries to leave Johnny in the dessert, but as he leaves Johnny jumps in the back to get his bike, he does and rides away. He realizes it is almost night , and he wont be able to get a hotel room as Ghost rider.

    In the morning he meets the rodeo manager who tells him as a purist he is not so fond of Motor bikes being in the show. They walk together and Blaze sees Silvercloud. Johnny jumps him but as he is punching Silvercloud freezes up and looks forward. Johnny sees what he is looking at a tall painted indian calling himself Snake dance.

    Snakedance orders Silvercloud to go away, and warns Johnny not to jump the canyon. Then he disappears leaving johnny to explain things to the rodeo manager. Unknowing that Silvercloud is sabotaging Johnnys bike.

    At night Johnny rides away so he can change to the Ghost Rider. When he does he is attacked by a group of Indians whom he makes short work of. Then he is attacked by snakes being controlled by Snakedance.

    Realizing they are not real Johnny dispatches them easy, then Snakedance changes into a snake and chases Ghost rider until he rides off of a cliff.



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    Before I get into this review, I would like to commemorate this momentous occasion. Marvel Spotlight number 8. The fourth appearance of Ghost rider in the book .............. Is the very first issue that does not begin with him turning tail and running from someone.*APPLAUSE*To tell the truth about this issue, i have a few mixed emotions. First of all, there has been some build up to the fight between Crash and Ghost Rider, yet the battle is over and done with in the first half of the book. stil...

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