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Curly of the Satan's Saints prepares Roxanne as a sacrificial vessel! Johnny discovers Curly’s plot a little too late…

The book begins with Crash standing over Roxanne's unconscious body. He knows he has to get her body out of the stadium. Satan told him to sacrifice her at his temple. So he stuffs her in a drum and sneaks her past the guard.

Then we cut to Ghost rider as he contemplates the events of last issue to give the new readers insight on how the story got to this point. As he does this he passes a cop car at high speeds. This instigates a chase. The cops keep up for a long while, but the rider loses them when he jumps a bridge That has been washed out. After his escape he finds solace in a graveyard and falls asleep resting on a tombstone.

Cutting back to Crash as he carries Roxy body into a temple, we see the sacrificial table, and he gives her body to some followers to prepare for the ritual.

The next morning Johnny blaze wakes up in the graveyard. He goes back to the show site to get ready for the nights stunt show when the road manager Slade comes in to tell him Roxy went missing. Blaze gets angry telling Slade he holds him responsible. Slade says he will find her, That she was seen with a guy with curly hair. Blaze knows Curly took her.

That night Ghost Rider confronts Satan's Servants to find where Curly took Roxy. They tell him about a weird church he has been hanging out at. The scene at the church has Crash still disguised as Curly puts Roxy on the sacrificial slab and begins the ceremony.

Curly does the incantation waking Roxy, and just before he thrusts the sacrificial dagger into her, Curly sees The Ghost rider burst through the doors of the church.

The Ghost Rider confronts Curly melting the sacrificial blade, and the two face each other as Satan makes his appearance. He makes an announcement that he will leave with the soul of one of the three. Ghost Rider and Curly stand face to face, when Satan disperses the disguise of Curly, and Ghost Rider realizes he is facing his Old mentor Crash Simpson.



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From The Longbox : Marvel Spotlight #7 0

This marks issue three where the Ghost Rider has turned tail and ran. This one is forgivable since it was cops he was running away from. The writer still believes that he can capture the excitement of a car chase. I guess it is something we have to deal with when you have a gimmick superhero.There was some story left in between the chase, this was mainly a set up issue. Something to catch up those who came in late. The only new insight to any character is to discover a new character has designs ...

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