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3D in the 70s in the 50s...

Well this is the end of a three part origin story for 3D Man. So that makes it hard to judge on its own. This was part of a pile of comics I got as a kid. I think even then I wasn't into it. Not sure I even read it back then.

The story was written in the 1970s and takes place in the 1950s. And here I am in 2013 reading it. It had the feel of an old Marvel style collaboration with captions added in after the art was drawn. Also it seems to be trying to make fun of itself, but the serious bits kind of kill this feel. The Skrull had a couple oddly interesting exclamations "What in the name of the Dog-star?" and "By the tears of Andromeda!"

This was a villain of the week who appears for the first time halfway through the story. Then you see him quickly gain his powers and get sent off to fight 3D Man. His motivation, such as it is, is then slowly revealed as they begin throwing punches. Interestingly this takes place in LA instead of New York. Even with a showdown on Santa Monica pier. I wonder if it was written on vacation.

One bit of oddly placed experimentation comes with the battle. The captions suddenly become 2nd person with "you" becoming 3D Man in a way. It's a little jarring, but almost has a "choose you own adventure" kind of feel. I wonder how this choice came about.

Also there's a Twinkies ad with Spider-Man and Madame Web. It looks like it could have come straight from a comic with a few dialogue changes and the Twinkies package pasted over the last panel. Think it may have even been in continuity.

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