Marvel Premiere #28

    Marvel Premiere » Marvel Premiere #28 - There's A Mountain On Sunset Boulevard! released by Marvel on February 1976.

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    The most chilling, spine-tingling team-up Marvel has ever pulled off! Witness the joining forces of Marvel's horror super stars - MAN-THING! GHOST RIDER! WEREWOLF BY NIGHT! And MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE!

    A quake rocks Los Angeles, and the citizens look to see a mountain has appeared in their city. Johnny Blaze, caught in the upheaval, becomes the Ghost Rider and investigates. On a rooftop nearby, the Werewolf crouches, while above, Morbius the Living Vampire glides seeking prey. He accosts the Werewolf before recognizing him from their recent encounter, then their attention is drawn to the new mountain. And in the Florida swamps, the Man-Thing sees the mountain through a breach in the interdimensional nexus that is centered there, and traverses the breach. The four monsters then are met by the sight of the Starseed, a golden giant straddling a huge golden horse.

    Starseed explains that he is the last of his race, prehistoric humans who were more advanced than their savage cousins. They had developed a civilization upon the mountain, but their peace was shattered when alien invaders killed the leaders, and hauled the mountain into space. Over the millennia, the survivors hid and stole alien technology until they were able to slip the grasp of their captors, and head back to their world. But now the Starseed is the only one left.

    Giving in to their predatory natures, the Werewolf and Morbius attack the god-like being. Ghost Rider and Man-Thing both try to aid the Starseed, and they throw off the two assailants. However, Starseed's wounds fill him with fear, and the Man-Thing's touch burns his arm. Ghost Rider's attention turns from Morbuis to the Man-Thing, whom he knocks away with his motorcycle, then he confronts the Werewolf who has attacked the Starseed again.

    Dying, the golden one demonstrates what could have been when he briefly lift the monstrous curses the four suffer, and they revert to Ted Sallis, Jack Russell, Michael Morbius and Johnny Blaze. But the Starseed cannot maintain the dream, and the Werewolf, the Man-Thing and Morbius return from whence they came. The Starseed and the mountain fade away as if they'd never been, while Ghost Rider walks his bike, seeking a gas station.


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