Marvel NOW! Checklist—What You Have to Look Forward To

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There are still a lot of questions over what Marvel NOW! is and how it will affect the current comics. This isn't a reboot of the Marvel Universe. It is a relaunch of several titles with creative teams switching books in the aftermath of AVENGERS VS X-MEN. There will be new directions and jumping on points to attract new readers with the majority of titles being relaunched with new #1 issues.

Current readers can be assured that the histories of characters will not be erased. This is not a new Universe but a continuation of current events slightly tailored to allow new readers and those that haven't been keeping up a chance to dive into the new series.

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Because of the many questions we've received about Marvel NOW!, hopefully this will help you plan your comic buying for the next few months. Beginning this month, October, and continuing through February 2013, there will be several new titles for readers to check out as well as the continuation of the adventures of existing titles only with a new creative team and possibly a slightly different title.

== TEASER ==

October 2012

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We have already seen the launch of Marvel NOW! with the new UNCANNY AVENGERS by Rick Remender and John Cassaday. With the return of mutants and the fear and hatred that usually goes with it, Captain America has decided to try to bridge the gap between the Avengers and X-Men after AVENGERS VS X-MEN to give a united front to the populace.

UPDATE: Apparently the second issue is delayed a couple weeks. It looks as if it'll be out on November 28 instead of the 14th. No word on if this will affect the third issue's shipping.

A + X (October 31, 2012) will also debut in a similar vein to AVX: VS. This time, the issues will feature two tales teaming up an Avenger and an X-Man. The series will feature different creators for each story.

October also saw the transformation of Red Hulk's adventures in HULK into RED SHE-HULK. The series made the change at issue #58 and is still written by Jeff Parker with art by Carlo Pagulayan and Wellington Alves.

We also saw the release of MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE which featured stories dealing with Nick Fury Jr, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Young Avengers, FF and Cable and Forge.

November 2012

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IRON MAN will evolve to its fifth volume on November 7, 2013. Kieron Gillen and Greg Land will see Tony Stark's "greatest invention become his greatest mistake." INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #527 is the final issue of the current series. Issue #2 is set for a November 21 release.

DEADPOOL (November 7, 2012) will relaunch with Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore pitting Deadpool against resurrected dead presidents such as George Washington and Gerald Ford. DEADPOOL #63 is the final issue of the current series. DEADPOOL #2 is scheduled for November 21, 2012.

ALL-NEW X-MEN (November 14, 2013) by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen will have the original teenage X-Men somehow being brought into their future which is the current present. It's unclear how this will happen but it has been said it will be explained when specifically they left their time. Looks like the second issue will be on sale November 28.

THOR: GOD OF THUNDER (November 14, 2013) will feature Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic taking the Thunder God on a quest to uncover the mystery of the God Butcher. Issue #2 is set for a November 28 release. THE MIGHTY THOR #22 is the last issue of the current series.

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Matt Fraction will be responsible for delivering the monthly adventures of FANTASTIC FOUR (November 14, 2012) and FF (November 28, 2012). The first will feature art by Mark Bagley with the latter featuring Mike Allred's art. FF will go in a different direction from the current series as the team will consist of Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa and Miss Thing. FANTASTIC FOUR #611 and FF #23 are the final issues of the current volumes.

CAPTAIN AMERICA (November 21, 2013) will see another new volume, this time written by Rick Remender with art by John Romita Jr. The solicit mentions a "high-adventure, mind-melting, tough-as-nails, sci-fi, pulp-fantasy era" as Cap is going to Dimension Z... CAPTAIN AMERICA #19 marks the final issue of the current volume.

Even though INCREDIBLE HULK was relaunched not too long ago, Mark Waid and Leinil Yu will work on INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK (November 21, 2012). Hulk appears to be joining forces with SHIELD. That probably won't go too well. The last issue of INCREDIBLE HULK will be issue #15.

X-MEN LEGACY (November 14, 2012) will be by Simon Spurrier and Diogenes Neves with a focus on Legion as he tries to take on his father's legacy. Issue #2 is set for a November 28 release. Issue #275 marks the end of the current volume.

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE continues with Kelly Sue DeConnick and Stefano Caselli taking over with issue #9.

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY continues with issue #646 on November 14 with Kathryn Immonen and Valerio Schiti. It appears Lady Sif will be taking the spotlight in this issue.

December 2012

No Caption Provided

AVENGERS (December 5, 2012) features Jonathan Hickman taking over the title and ships twice a month (issue #2 on December 19). AVENGERS #34 is the final issue in November.

THUNDERBOLTS (December 5, 2012) features Daniel Way and Steve Dillon grouping Red Hulk, Venom, Elektra, Deadpool and Punisher together. You can bet things will get messy. Issue #2 is scheduled for December 19.

CABLE AND X-FORCE (December 12, 2012) will mark the return of Cable with the creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca. Issue #2 is set for December 19.

AVENGERS ARENA (December 12, 2012) will see 16 superhuman young adults trapped on an island and forced to fight. Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker will bring on the good times with the second issue set for December 19.

January 2013

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UNCANNY X-FORCE (January 2, 2013) returns with Sam Humphries and Ron Garney bringing together Psylocke, Storm, Puck, Spiral and the mysterious Cluster. Issue #35 of the current series will be the last.

January also will see NEW AVENGERS by Hickman appearing as well (January 2, 2013). Hickman will be joined by Steve Epting as we see the Illuminati, lead by Black Panther, take on a threat to the universe. Joining him will be Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Mister Fantastic, Namor and Beast. Yikes. Issue #34 of the current NEW AVENGERS is the final issue and on sale in November. Issue #2 of NEW AVENGERS is set for January 16.

MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE (January 2, 2013) will be by Joe Keatinge and Richard Elson. Can he find redemption?

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN (January 9, 2013) will continue to see Dan Slott writing the webslinger, even though word is it won't be Peter Parker. Ryan Stegman joins Slott as the solicit for the first issue mentions Peter spending a lifetime living up to his responsibilities with his story ending in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700, which is also the final issue of the current series. We'll have to wait until January but the second issue is set for January 30.

SAVAGE WOLVERINE (January 16, 2013) feature Frank Cho writing and drawing Wolverine's adventures as he's somehow transported to the Savage Land and teams up with Shanna the She-Devil. WOLVERINE #317 marks the final issue of the current series.

YOUNG AVENGERS (January 23, 2013) will be by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. The team is set to have Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) joined by Loki, Ms. America and Marvel Boy.

February 2013

No Caption Provided

Not too much information has been released just yet on the February titles.

NOVA will featuring Sam Alexander and the newest and youngest (?) member of the Nova Corps. We've seen him briefly in AVENGERS VS X-MEN and in the MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE one shot. It will be by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY will return in February. Brian Michael Bendis and Steve McNiven will bring back the team seen in AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Groot and Bug). At New York Comic Con it was also revealed that Iron Man would be joining the team...

SECRET AVENGERS will be by Nick Spencer and Luke Ross. The title will put an emphasis on the SECRET part with team members often not even knowing the full scope of the mission they're on. It's said to be a cross between an Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. book. SECRET AVENGERS #37 is the final issue in the current volume.

Other Titles Ending

TItles not mentioned above that are ending include:

  • CAPTAIN AMERICA AND... (last issue is #640)
  • DEFENDERS (last issue is #12)
  • NEW MUTANTS (last issue is #50)
  • UNCANNY X-MEN (last issue is #20)

As of now, the other titles will continue to publish. For the most part, each new title is taking the place of an existing one, with a few exceptions. It's unclear if all the titles appearing twice a month will continue to maintain that schedule after the first few issues.

Looks like you have some time to start saving up your comic money and time to make decisions as to what will make your pull list and what other titles might get cut.

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#1 Posted by Super_SoldierXII (7488 posts) - - Show Bio

Not sure what to expect.

Looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.

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#2 Posted by X35 (6464 posts) - - Show Bio

Q: Marvel NOW! Checklist—What You Have to Look Forward To?

A: Nothing.

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#3 Posted by BigBDawg (291 posts) - - Show Bio

To be honest, I'm NOT looking forward to Superior Spider-Man, given Marvel's past attempts to replace Peter as Spider-Man hasn't gone well. I do look forward top what is gonna happen to the Avengers though, given I've liked Uncanny Avengers so far. :) So I look forward to Avengers and New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman

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#4 Posted by Icon (2253 posts) - - Show Bio

@X35 said:

Q: Marvel NOW! Checklist—What You Have to Look Forward To?

A: Nothing.

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#5 Edited by cc1738 (371 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm trying out All New X-men, Thor God of Thunder, Captain America and I've already gotten Uncanny Avengers. I'm interested in Iron Man, Superior Spider-man, Indestructible Hulk, Avengers, New Avengers, and The Savage Wolverine. Sadly, I won't even be able to check out half those titles. If I wasn't getting any DC titles I'd try out more.

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#6 Posted by papad1992 (7025 posts) - - Show Bio

It's not too late, quick! Cannonball grab Sunspot and fly away!!!

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#7 Posted by Falconer (173 posts) - - Show Bio

As someone who was at least vaguely aware of what AVX was, Uncanny Avengers seemed like a shitty place for new readers to jump in to me. I guess what someone like me is looking for is the Avengers book coming in December?

Also, what's up with all of these #2's? Are there really not going to be any number one issues? Cause that's not confusing or anything...

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#8 Posted by Meteorite (3479 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll probably drop Secret Avengers, but I'm not sure whether to go with GotG or Young Avengers....

Although I should just do the smart thing and start picking up more indie titles :P

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#9 Posted by CircularLogic (320 posts) - - Show Bio

Everything in the first wave looks awesome, everything in the second and third is questionable with the exception of Kieron Gillen's Young Avengers (which will probably be my favorite of the bunch). I'm still debating which series to drop from DC. I've cut pretty much all but 7 of DC's books, I'm thinking Green Lantern will have to go (without Sinestro, I've lost interest), but I'm not sure if I should grab Hickman's Avengers (either new or old), Remender's Cap, Waid's Hulk or Immonen's Journey into Mystery.

Or I can stop eating lunch.

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#10 Posted by JamDamage (1195 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm excited for a few things, and not so excited for some others. Who the hell wants to read about She-Hulk over Hulk? I don't get that one. Iron Mans armor looks dope, but I don't like how he shoots from the top of his hands now. It's a staple of Iron Man if you ask me. I don't read any Spider-Man outside of the Ultimate realm so I might try this, considering I do read Venom and Scarlet Spider. I just haven't been to into the Amazing Spider-Man since waaaaaaay back when Michelene left. Did I spell his name right. I am most excited for All New X-Men. The premise sounded stupid as hell at first, and for anyone who doesn't like Bendis (idiots) what he writes so well is teenagers. just ask us Ult. S.M. fans on that. He so good at that. This looks pretty damn good. But who the hell is that red dude that looks like he might be Cyclops, but isn't Cyclops. The guy with the x on his helmet???

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#11 Posted by Johnnyjavavee (91 posts) - - Show Bio

Hickmans two books even though I've never really read avengers and slott's spidey. It'll be peter's book i'm sure.

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#12 Posted by Deranged Midget (18346 posts) - - Show Bio

Thor, Cap, Avengers and Superior Spider-Man are my titles.

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#13 Posted by longbowhunter (9425 posts) - - Show Bio

Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, New Avengers and Young Avengers. Am I a huge Avengers fan? No, I just happen to like the talent involved. Giving all these a few issues at least.

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#14 Edited by cc1738 (371 posts) - - Show Bio

@Falconer: Are you serious? Several series are are bi-monthly and others are having the first two issues released in the first month.

Each series has a number one and the release dates for the first issue are in parentheses. I don't want to mean or anything, but to think that all the series are going to start at issue two is really, really stupid.

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#15 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (11532 posts) - - Show Bio

This is a great way to keep track for Marvel Now. Thanks for making this

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#16 Posted by Mr. Kamikaze (834 posts) - - Show Bio

Namor and Panther on the same team? Doesn't Panther like...hate the whole world right now, especially Namor?

I wonder if this Illuminati will be super secret again, cutting Captain America out. They were already ousted, and I liked the concept better when no one knew about them and their operation. But I have always liked the idea behind the Illuminati, so I'm glad they're doing more with it.

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#17 Posted by MrMazz (2002 posts) - - Show Bio

The only Marvel Now book I am interested in is the new Thunderbolts.

Nothing is being changed when it comes to Uncanny X-Force right or is that being pushed into Cabel * The X-Force?

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#18 Posted by cc1738 (371 posts) - - Show Bio

@MrMazz: Uncanny X-Force is getting relaunched and has a new team led by Psylocke. It won't even remotely be related to Remender's run.

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#19 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Want so many of these but I'm going to stick to Jeff Parker's Red She-Hulk and Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk for now.

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#20 Posted by ectoborge (214 posts) - - Show Bio

Ironman, Hulk, Wolverine, and Spider-Man oh my!

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#21 Posted by cc1738 (371 posts) - - Show Bio

@Johnnyjavavee: Peter isn't Spider-Man. I'm pretty sure it will end up being Miguel O'Hara, but the new spiderman's identity hasn't been revealed. That's why the series is going to be darker.

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#22 Posted by danhimself (21433 posts) - - Show Bio

HIckman doing Avengers? definitely getting that

Remender doing Avengers? definitely getting that

Slott still on Spider-man? definitely getting that

those three are definite definites

but despite everyone else's opinions I'm pretty excited about All New X-men....I think the series has some serious potential

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#23 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (12486 posts) - - Show Bio

@X35 said:

Q: Marvel NOW! Checklist—What You Have to Look Forward To?

A: Nothing.

THIS! im only think about buying thunderbolts because of the line up but if the writing sucks Im dropping it quickly

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#24 Posted by Tyrannotaur (296 posts) - - Show Bio

So I am definetly going for Avengers, Avengers Arena, Cable and Xforce, Fantastic Four, Superior Spider-man, Thunderbolts, and Young Avengers. I already picked up Uncanny Avengers and Red She Hulk and enjoyed them both. I am going to try Deadpool, Iron Man, All New X-men, FF, and Uncanny X-force. Everything else I'll probably skip.

I have high expectations for a lot of these series like Avengers and Superior Spidey. I hope I'm not too disappointed, lol.

I'm pretty sure that 2013 will have more X-men books. The current X-men title has a "End of an Era" tag on the solicit. I can see a team change up in the works. Colossus and Domino are on Cable's team, Storm moved on to Wolverine and the X-men and Psylocke is on Uncanny X-force. Shame Pixie doesn't have a place yet. BAsed on how many Avengers books Bendis wrote for the past few years, I could see him taking over X-men and starting some other X-men book on top of All New X-men. However I really dislike when one writer holds the monopoly on a series. That kinda stagnates innovation. I would like to see more X-men books. I know we have Astonishing, the rest of X-men, Gambit, Wolverine and the X-men, The Cable book, and All New X-men. I would still like to see another X-men book akin to Uncanny, which I guess All new X-men could be argued to be that book, but I don't see that. Alot of X-men characters get under utilized. Surge, Pixie, Rockslide, Dust, Chamber, Elixir, and Vanisher to name a few. I'd really love for a New X-men type book. Also I hope Emma Frost, Namor and the other Phoenix Five aren't marked as Pariah's for years. I actually enjoy Magneto, Namor and Emma as heroes rather than villains. Also I'd like to see Hope on a team (Avengers?).

Overall I am excited for Marvel Now. I am curious to see what they will do next.

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#25 Posted by smuff100 (9 posts) - - Show Bio

Savage Wolverine . Who doesn't want to see Frank Cho drawing Shanna

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#26 Posted by pspin (1081 posts) - - Show Bio

Well if you are going to do a relaunch and call it neither a relaunch or a reboot, this is the way to do it.

That being said it is great to have a definitive list of what is going on, some of these titles look promising.

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#27 Posted by MisterKetch (254 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh nice on Beast replacing Xavier, im surprised Marvel didn't take this attempt to make it Wolverine.

Since my boyfriend will be reading Iron Man im obligated to get that, reservations on the hulk title but hey im a fan boy for the big green goof, all new x men, cable's x force, dead pool, spiderman, curious about galaxy and legacy so i'll probably check out issue 1 of both.

props to for putting this out, been going off of marvel's release calendar so far nice to see everything in one spot. Say what you will about the New52 they put out a reading list.

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#28 Posted by abeyance (261 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmmm the Thunderbolts with Red Hulk, and Deadpool on the same team sounds interesting. I assume bringing in the original five Xmen is their way of bringing Jean Grey back to life...NOT READING THAT. Superior Spiderman sounds interesting. I guess they are willing to change him since most people accepted Miles Morales taking over in the Ultimateverse. There is also Indestructible Hulk that is coming in November. I will be picking that one up most definitely.

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#29 Posted by lagoonman (147 posts) - - Show Bio

@X35 said:

Q: Marvel NOW! Checklist—What You Have to Look Forward To?

A: Nothing.

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#30 Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy (8935 posts) - - Show Bio

So I wonder what's going on over in the DC section..

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#32 Posted by Catsnlynne (1189 posts) - - Show Bio

After reading that article I'm still confused about Marvel NOW.
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#33 Posted by Smurfboy (480 posts) - - Show Bio

Although I'd love to follow a lot of new series, the only titles I will buy monthly are: Gambit (currently), Wolverine MAX, Deadpool #1, Savage Wolverine, Wolverine & the X-Men, Superman (Jim Lee in 2013) and FF #1. The rest of other titles I can wait until Hardcover collection come out. Whew! This fall is going to be super-busy with many comic books coming out!! And I loved it!! Ow, my wallet...

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#34 Posted by hyenascar (200 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, it sounds like a bunch of things minus the x-men world. Are we keeping any of the x-men titles. Uncanny Avengers isn't exciting for me. I don't care for the avengers at all. The whole combine them into other books is kind of back firing for me, because now I don't have the same interest. I'm sure all the other comics will have interest, but I don't enjoy many of the other characters in the marvel universe. I'll give all new x-men a shot, but I really want to see the mutants world after this last fiasco. And by no means does that mean anything related to Avengers.

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#35 Posted by Man of Lengend (1019 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool, New Avengers, GOTG ,Nova, Iron man is what i will be reading very exciting !!!

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#36 Posted by grenade728 (755 posts) - - Show Bio

All New X-Men, Cap, Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Spider-man... A lot of other titles look good too. If my wallet expands I'll probably pick up Young Avengers.

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#37 Posted by dmkicksballs13 (129 posts) - - Show Bio

Iron Man, Cap America, and Deadpool, but that's just because I follow them now. I would love for someone to calculate and tell me how many Avengers comics there are now, I think it's like 8.

Also, does anyone know if Winter Soldier is going to continue?

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#38 Posted by Cafeterialoca (1582 posts) - - Show Bio

Young Avengers and FF are going to be great.

But I hate, hate, HATE that they are making Avengers Arena. That premise is just sick and the fact that they are killing fan favorites is just enraging. I literally want that book canceled.

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#39 Posted by hyenascar (200 posts) - - Show Bio


Oh thanks, I do want to read avengers arena

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#40 Posted by FatFriar_16 (194 posts) - - Show Bio

Thunderbolts look cool!!!!! With Deadpool, does anyone know if he'll be getting his regen. back? If not, idk about his series =\ Aaand, they should do a Drax stand alone series =)

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#41 Posted by FatFriar_16 (194 posts) - - Show Bio

Also, why is Medusa on Earth?!?!? And, in FF? O_o

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#42 Posted by RoboShark (2637 posts) - - Show Bio

Gonna miss this current Defenders team.

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#43 Edited by Mezmero (1005 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm cautiously opptimistic about Deadpool. The preview you guys posted was kind of bleh so I just don't know what to expect. I still don't get why Miss Thing's suit has segmented toes. I mean if it's just a suit why not just have boots for feet? I doubt her feet are form fitted to that thing. I might want to read Avengers Arena if not just to see Darkhawk get his butt kicked, which seems like just another day for that crazy guy.

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#44 Edited by DMC (2006 posts) - - Show Bio


1) Captain America: "Duh"

2) Avengers: "Great writer, great artist, what can go wrong?"

3) Uncanny X-Force: "I'll Bite"

4) Guardians of the Galaxy: "A cosmic book that's getting a movie in 2014? Show me what ya got Bendis"

5) Captain Marvel


1) Journey n2 Mystery

2) Fantastic 4

3) Superior Spider-Man: "Depends on #700"

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#45 Posted by AlKusanagi (732 posts) - - Show Bio

Yet another New Mutants title ending... Stupid Marvel.

Avatar image for baberaham_lincoln
#46 Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln (960 posts) - - Show Bio

Uncanny Avengers was alright... but the ones i'm really looking forward to are Avengers(Hickman/Opena)/New Avengers, Thor, All New X-men, Superior Spidey, Journey into the Mystery and my FAVORITE Cable and X-force!!#@!!... i'm hoping Opena can stay on Avengers for at least 12 issues but that's wishful thinking =/

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#47 Posted by CombatSpoon86 (962 posts) - - Show Bio

Avengers and Uncanny Avengers down and maybe new Avengers. never done this many Avenger books ever but my favorite creative teams made me do it.

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#48 Posted by sweetesttoaster (144 posts) - - Show Bio

Indestructible Hulk is obviously going to be awesome due to the creative team. But All New X-Men is the one I'm most looking forward to. Obviously getting Avengers and New Avengers and I have to pick up Spider-Man. Others I might pick up are Thor, FF and maybe Deadpool. But, I'm going to try out at least the first issue of all of the new series just to see if I like it. My wallets going to be sore for a couple months...

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#49 Posted by Cafeterialoca (1582 posts) - - Show Bio

@hyenascar: Well it's not like I can stop you. Personally? A book that only exists to kill characters before they could become something more just seems like it's marketed to the gore crowd who cares more about "Who kills who" than actually character development. The preview pages just make me feel ill that they are already killing Hazmat.

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#50 Posted by Cafeterialoca (1582 posts) - - Show Bio

@FatFriar_16 said:

Thunderbolts look cool!!!!! With Deadpool, does anyone know if he'll be getting his regen. back? If not, idk about his series =\ Aaand, they should do a Drax stand alone series =)

Do yourself a favor and pick up the older Thunderbolts stuff too. Just because you don't know them, doesn't mean they aren't awesome.

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