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A historic comic series dating all the way back to 1939! Featuring the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner and more, this one’s sure to thrill any Marvel comic buff!

  1. The Human Torch - (Burgos) The Human Torch is watching a car race, when a driver loses control and crashes. He attempts to save the driver but is too late. When more cars catch on fire he notices an airplane flying by. The police arrive and he is arrested for starting the fires, but escapes to find the real killers.
  2. The Angel - (Gustavson) Jane Framan is in Hong Kong to track down a treasure using a map she has. The map is said to be cursed. Within minutes of her arrival in Hong Kong, Framan's rickshaw is attacked by a man with a knife. Before she is stabbed, a man who was tailing her saves her. Her savior turns out to be The Angel who keeps on eye on her as she continues her hunt for the Smithsonian.
  3. The Sub-Mariner - (Everett) First using a stolen biplane and then swimming, Namor reaches New York City. In the harbor he's sucked into a pipe and bursts out in the city's powerhouse where he begins to wreak havoc from the start. After destroying the place he continues a rampage through New York, destroying property and killing people. Nothing seems to be able to stop him.
  4. The Masked Raider - (Anders) The Masked Raider goes undercover to help a sheriff take out an outlaw stronghold.
  5. American Ace - (Lauretta) Mining engineer Perry Wade is caught up in events when a war breaks out while he's visiting the nation of Attainia on business.
  6. Death-Bird Squadron - (Cooke / Mazoujian) a text story about the Angel fighting a war-mongers on a bombing raid over Poland.
  7. Adventures of Ka-Zar the Great - (unknown) Ka-Zar encounters two new enemies, Bardak the ape, and Tupat the mad elephant.
  8. All in Fun - (Wood) a page of single panel gag strips.
  9. Loony Laffs! - (Thompson) a page of single panel gag strips.


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The Latest Action Comics Rip-off 0

The first issue of Marvel Mystery Comics is often referred to as "issue #2", because the stories follow those of the single issue Marvel Comics.In the summer of 1938, National Periodicals came out with Action Comics #1 which introduced the world to Superman, the world's first superhero. The comic was such a smash success that suddenly all the pulp publishers tried to copy its success by creating "their own Superman". For Timely that meant The Angel in Marvel Mystery Comics.It's important to reme...

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Great read for the most part! 0

Human Torch: The Human Torch is watching a car race when he sees one of the cars start burning. He notices that whenever a strange plane goes over one of the race cars, the car catches fire. He tries to save the driver but is too late. After most of the cars are burnt up, the winner Ross, blames The Human Torch as the cause of the fire, and the police put him in jail. In his cell, The Human Torch meets Johnson, who tells him that Ross uses his racket to fly the airplane to eliminate the competi...

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