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    From the mid to late 1950s through to the early 1960s, Marvel wasn't about men in tights. It was about MONSTERS!

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    Brief History

    Marvel Monsters are any of the creatures of horror and ridiculousness from the pre-heroic age at Marvel.

    Most Marvel Monsters have some or all of the following attributes:

    • Monstrous appearance - ranging from an extra set of arms on a human body through to the much more common gargantuan insane reality-bending appearance of most of them.
    • Alien origin - most of the Marvel Monsters hail from outer space or another dimension. A few are creatures of Earth myth. And most of them turn out to be aliens anyway.
    • Secret history - one way or another most of the Marvel Monsters escaped attention because the memory of the events they are responsible for was wiped from the mind of man.
    • Godlike powers
    • Bombastic style of speech (but that tends to be characteristic of most Marvel villains and gods!)
    • Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko drew them, and Stan Lee thought them up.

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