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    The X-Men return for another milestone Marvel Masterworks of beginnings, endings and maybe even the beginning of the end! Chris Claremont and John Byrne raised a rag-tag group of mutants from a burning ember to an all-out firestorm that topped the world of comics. And they'll ride out that flame with one of the most influential X-Men stories of all—"Days of Future Past!"

    Feared, hated and now on the road to extinction, Marvel's Children of the Atom face a bleak future of mutant concentration camps and a world where heroes are a thing of days gone past. Only by leaping back through time can Kitty Pryde's future self hope to stop the events that created this dystopian nightmare!

    Claremont and Byrne close out their classic run together with a fan-favorite Kitty Pryde holiday tale, but things only pick up from there with the return of the man who first delineated the all-new, all-different X-Men—Dave Cockrum!

    Cockrum and Claremont put their team in a slow-pressure cooker with Arcade, Dr. Doom, Garokk and then blows its top with the return of Magneto in a double-sized anniversary extravaganza! Featuring guest-appearances by Spider-Woman, Dazzler, not to mention the debut of Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, there's no question this one's for the ages!

    In this staggering volume of the classic x-ventures:

    • The days of the future past!
    • A monster attacks during christmas.
    • Dr. Doom battles X-men.
    • Arcade strikes!
    • Magneto battles X-men, once again.

    And many other things!

    Collects X-Men #141-150.



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    What happened to your dream Xavier? 0

    Originally written 11-19-10Professor Xavier's dream has failed and ended in a nightmare. The year is 2013 and most of the X-Men along with Earth's heroes are dead. The Sentinels have taken over and all remaining mutants are either prisoners in detention camps or fugitives struggling for survival. The last remaining X-Men; Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, and Sprite are putting their lives on the line for one last desperate attempt to end the horror. They plan to mentally send Kitty Pride back in tim...

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