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    Setting a new standard for Marvel super heroes wasn't enough for mssrs. Claremont and Cockrum. In their second Marvel Masterworks outing with the Uncanny X-Men they aren't just aiming for All-New and All-Different, they're shooting for the stars! But before they can reach those heights Jean Grey must fall from the heavens in order to save her teammates' lives-and to reemerge from the ashes as The Phoenix! And though they may have saved one of their own, the X-Men must next face a fight from within the family. The Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy drive the Children of Atom to the edge of disaster, pushing Storm into the depths of childhood horrors and testing the mettle of Colossus and Wolverine to their utmost. And then, with the X-Men at their seeming breaking point, comes the return of Magneto! Then it's off to the stars and to the Shi'ar empire to meet the Starjammers, Lilandra, Deathbird, and the Imperial Guard, not to mention a certain artist named John Byrne! Also featuring the first appearance of Weapon Alpha, the cornerstone of both Alpha Flight and Wolverine's storied past in Weapon X, and a baseball game so wild it could only be the X-Men - this second volume of Uncanny Masterworks extends the dynamic legacy of Marvel's merry mutants! Collecting X-MEN #101-110.

    Reprints X-Men #101-110. Includes the beginning of the Phoenix, and Includes guest appearances from the Fantastic four, Avengers and the Starjammers!


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    Enter: The Phoenix. 0

    Originally written 9-22-10After barely surviving the battle against Dr. Lang and the X-Sentinels. The X-Men are still under intense pressure when Jean Grey emerges from the river in a completely changed state. Professor X orders the team to take a vacation in the Banshee's castle known as Cassidey Keep, while Jean recovers in the hospital. Later, the X-Men are victims of multiple attacks,and Professor X learns that the visions in his dreams are indeed real, and the entire universe could be in d...

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    The Continuation of the second generation X-Men! 0

    Flashback:After reading the first volume of “Uncanny X-Men,” I just could not wait to read the second volume of “The Uncanny X-Men” featuring the second generation X-Men! This time, the X-Men are up against even deadlier foes than before and they will have to fight harder then ever before!What is the story?Continuing from the first volume after Jean Grey seemingly sacrifices her life to save the X-Men in space, it turns out that Jean Grey has become the ! Oh, and not only that but the X-Men come...

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