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The World's Greatest Comic Magazine marches forward with a great new artist, Big John Buscema and the same great man, Stan 'The Man,' 'natch, in a fresh set of epic adventures as only mighty Marvel can make 'em!

It all begins when Johnny Storm's ladylove, Crystal must leave the polluted human world for the Inhumans' sanctuary, but within her lies the secret solution to freeing the Thing from his rocky prison. Then, as Benjamin Grimm emerges with the power to change into the Thing at will, Reed Richards must descend into the dark of the Negative Zone to face entropic Annihilus and the mysterious Janus, the Nega-Man.

But what good is controlling your powers, when you're losing control of your mind? The Thing goes on a rampage and New York City better look out because it can only end in the biggest, the baddest, the best fist-pounding, building-toppling, earth-shaking slobbernocker in Marvel history! The ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing goes toe-to-toe with the gamma-powered goliath, the Incredible Hulk, and only one will walk out alive.

That's not all, though! Before the FF and collect themselves, the all-powerful Over-Mind descends on the planet Earth, and you know it ain't going to be good for real estate values when the Watcher shows up, too. It's a menace so great that even the evil Dr. Doom joins forces with the FF, so reserve your copy today, True Believer, there’s plenty more classics to come!

Collecting The Fantastic Four #105 - 116


The marbled variant cover edition is #103 in the chronological numbering.

Regular Edition ISBN: 978-0-7851-3046-8

Variant Edition ISBN: 978-0-7851-3047-5


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