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It’s time for another round of webslinging wonderment by two of the men who put the “master” in Masterworks, Stan “The Man” Lee and “Jazzy” John Romita. They’ll be coming at you in this arachnid's eighth volume with a storyline as epic as they come: The Saga of the Stone Tablet! All the swingin’ calamity and social consciousness kicks off with the Kingpin’s quest to decipher an ancient clay tablet whose secrets promise great power. Poor ol’ Spidey gets into the mix and after saving the day finds himself branded Public Enemy No. 1 (’natch). With the Kingpin on one side and J. Jonah Jameson turning up the heat in the Daily Bugle, things go from bad to horrible with the introduction of Man-Mountain Marko and Maggia bossman, Silvermane. It’s a Peter Parker pressure cooker that only gets turned up from there! Also featuring battles with Quicksilver, the Shocker, and the Lizard along with an extra-special bonus, the 1968 Stan Lee/Ross Andru Spidey yarn from Marvel Super-Heroes #14.
Collects Amazing Spider-Man 68 - 77 

The marbled variant cover edition is #67 in the chronological numbering

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