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Amazing For The Most Part

Ok I have already reviewed each issue except Amazing Fantasy 15 since it was just Spidey's story. I did feel my volume of this in the reprint edition as is any volume or printing is worth spending the money on. You get crisp colors Stan's writing, Ditko's artwork. You get the beginning of our web slinger. You get Doc Ock, Sandman, Lizard, Vulture , You get Peter Parker J.Jonah Jameson and Flash Thompson and Betty brant . Definatly good for history pick this up today

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    And we all know what comes with great power right? 0

    When high school teen Peter Parker attends a science exhibit, his life is soon forever changed. During a demonstration on radioactive rays, a spider accidentally absorbs some of the radiation. Parker is bitten by the spider and later learns he has obtained the spiders abilities.Peter Parker can now stick to most surfaces, possesses beyond super human strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and agility. He has obtained an early danger warning sense called “the spider sense”. He also cre...

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