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    Volume » Published by Marvel UK/Panini UK. Started in 2007.

    Volume 1.

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    Published by the UK wing of Panini Comics.

    Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, Norse god of Thunder, they are three of Marvel’s greatest heroes! Individually they’re powerful; in one great comic they’re unstoppable!

    Captain America, the Sentinel of Liberty, the ultimate Super Soldier and hero of World War II, dedicated to protecting the weak and the oppressed, no matter the cost!

    Tony Stark, billionaire playboy, inventor and industrialist. Little does the world know that he is really the armoured avenger Iron Man!

    Thor, son of Odin, armed with his mystical hammer, Mjolnir, and dedicated to defending the earth and the eternal realm of Asgard from all threats!

    Every month Marvel Legends brings 76 action-packed pages of the very best in the current adventures of these three popular heroes from the House of Ideas!

    Collects the tales of the US comics involving Captain America, Iron Man and Thor for the UK Comic book readers.


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