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Hi there, Frantic Ones!

This issue Captain America and Iron Man continue to try and find some middle ground in an attempt to bring Civil War to bring the Civil War to an end. But have things gone too far?

Plus, Agent 13 finds herself under pressure to betray Captain America!

Will she give in and lead the Sentinel of Liberty into S.H.E.I.L.D. trap?!!

We round off our issue with a tale of Asgardian adventure that takes us back to the days of the barbarous Viking raids. But the question is, how is this related to the origin of Thor’s newest and most trusted advisor, Thialfi?!!

The only way to find out the answer to these questions and more is to …

Read on …


Civil War : The New Warrior confronts a gang of super villains in in the small ton of Stamford. One of the villains, Nitro, uses his power to explode his own body and kills over 600 people many of them children. A political uproar soon follows as the New Warriors are blamed for the disaster. Strict legal controls are demanded for superheroes.

The new Superhuman Registration Act requires all heroes to reveal their identities to the government. Iron man, Mr Fantastic and yellow jacket support the Act but Captain America rejects it. Cap and a group of others fight back against SHIELD and become fugitives. Two factors of heroes, one led by Cap, the other by iron man, clash.

Cap’s side is stunned by the sudden reappearance of the long –last Avenger, Thor. But the creature who attacks them is not the real Thunder God- he is a clone/cyborg warrior created by Yellowjacket and Mr Fantastic. The Thor clone rejects its programming and kills Goliath. Captain America’s forces escape. Soon after, iron man arranges a secret rendezvous with Captain America at the ruins of the old Avengers Mansion in an attempt bring the conflict to an end without further bloodshed …

Thor : Odin separates the God of Thunder from his mortal alter ego Jake Olson. Soon after. Odin sacrifices himself to defeat the powerful demon Surter and Thor ascend to the throne of Asgard.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Tarene also known as Thor Girl, encounters the Grey Gargoyle, who turns her to stone. Claiming her hammer, the villain uses it to shatter her body.

Olson discovers her body and takes it to the apartment of Amora, the Enchantress. The sorceress is not there, but Olson is drawn into her enchanted mirror and becomes Thor once more. However, Olson is unaware that his actions have severely weakened the true Thor. Olson Thor confronts Grey Gargoyle; however, their battle is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Desak. Destroyer of Gods who defeats both hero and villain.

Learning the truth about why his powers are diminished. Thor travels to New York. He strips Olson of his powers and confronts Desak.

However, even the true Thor, with his power increased by Odin Force, proves ineffectual against the Slayer of Gods.

In desperation, Olson tips the stone remains of Thor Girl into Amora’s mystic mirror and restores her.

Meanwhile, Thialfi, the fastest Asgardian, and under orders from Amora, delivers the Bloodaxe of Skurge The Executioner to Thor. With this mighty weapon Thor slays Desak.

Returning to Asgard, Thor is confronted by his disgruntled subjects, who are angry over his preoccupation with Earth. Thor refuses to turn his back on Earth and argues that now, more than ever; mortals need the guidance of the gods. In order to reach a compromise Thor transports Asgard to the skies above New York …

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