Marvel Legends #73

    Marvel Legends » Marvel Legends #73 released by Marvel UK/Panini UK on July 1, 2012.

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    Odin is seated on the throne of Asgard once more. Now learn ye now the story of the World Tree – the birth of spacetime itself! Speaking of Odin... guess who's got one eye and isn't exactly thrilled to see young Loki again? And as the refugees of nine worlds brace for the relentless invasion by the dark gods of the Tenth World, hoping against hope they'll live to see tomorrow, two of Asgard's most mighty ready themselves to make the ultimate sacrifice! This is it, true believers – the last moment of daylight before the skies rip open and rain down blood... and the World Eaters... next stop Midgard!

    Plus, Baron Zemo takes his battle against the new Captain America to a new and terrifying level!

    Also, Tony Stark and Sasha Hammer, finally meet face to face. The gang at Stark Resilient burn the midnight oil against an impossible deadline – but if they don't get Project Daylight off the ground they're doomed before they start. They're not the only one manufacturing their world-changer, though – the Hammer Girls are building an army of drone bombers as air support for Detroit Steel!

    Includes material reprinted from Captain America #608, Thor Vol.1 #619 and Invincible Iron Man Vol.5 #30!


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