Marvel Legends #71

    Marvel Legends » Marvel Legends #71 - Iron Man and War Machine released by Marvel UK/Panini UK on May 1, 2012.

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    The ultimate Captain America for is back! Baron Zemo returns to finish the job his father started – Killing Bucky! Plus, someone launches an enhanced armour terror attack on Tokyo and her citizens! Coming to the rescue… it's the invincible… Detroit Steel!?! Halfway around the world, Tony Stark has his hands full when Pepper goes under the knife. Meanwhile, the insidious Hammer girls keep making moves in the destructive game they're playing. Will the new Stark survive the trip to the launch pad, let alone ever get off the ground?

    Also, the World Eaters continue their rampage down the World Tree on an unstoppable blitzkrieg to Asgard. The magnificent residents of the nine worlds flee their rampage... coming to Asgard for protection. Can the Fallen City protect the exiles of seven worlds from an unimaginable evil? And what on earth is Thor doing in Paris? And who has he found there...?

    Includes material reprinted from Captain America #606, Thor VOL.1 #617 and Invincible Iron Man Vol. 5 #27!


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