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Surprisingly good!

I really overlooked that series when it first came out because I thought that it would be very different of the Fantastic Four I normally know and love. I was right, it is vastly different and now that I've finally read it I am very happy about it! The whole series's point is to make Fantastic Four more realistic and everyday without losing focus of their characters, a thing that's more difficult than it sounds (and it doesn't sounds easy by the way).

Aguirre-Sacasa is virtually unknown for me, though I had previously the whole run of his "Young Allies" mini-series, which is also highly recommended. But here, he makes miracles, taking the paramount characters of Marvel Cosmic and shrinking them down in everyday-like situations. More than anything I enjoyed the Reed Richards' characterization as the scientist who is incapable of entering the more mundane aspects of everyday life. But I also really like every other character's reactions to this seemingly impossible situation. McNiven 's pencils and Morales's inks are very nice ranging from the more colorful first pages to the grim and gritty ending, they move the story along nicely.

So if you are bored by seeing our heroes entering their cosmic battles, this is a welcome change of pace with a tight and direct script and good art.

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