Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

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    Marvel Comics service that reprints many issues digitally from any computer and often offers online exclusive comics.

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    Officially an imprint of Marvel Comics, Digital Comics Unlimited features thousands of quality scanned Marvel Comics of the past and present in an easy to read online format. For more information, visit the official site.

    Viewing Format

    The service occurs within the user's internet browser, so an online connection is required. In the past this only worked on desktop computers or laptops, but Marvel recently released a beta reader which allows users to utilize iOS phones and tablets. A separate reader for Android devices has been said to be not far behind.

    Digital Exclusives

    One perk to the service is the Digital Exclusives, stories that can only be read online.

    Read It Here First

    Not only are previews of upcoming Marvel titles included with a subscription, but selected titles are even released early digitally - before ever reaching your local retailers shelves.


    Certain Digital Exclusives have been released in physical print, usually collected in to one issue. Examples of reprinted digital material are the Galacta One Shot and Peter Parker (collections of Amazing Spider-Man Digital).


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