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Blood Hungry, part 7 of 8, "Seven (and a Half) Scents," starring Wolverine

At the close of last issue, Wolverine confronted Cyber as he was about to finish off Tiger Tyger and General Coy. Now, he must fight a battle he doesn't want to fight and prevent Cyber's plans from coming to fruition!

Just Friends, part 7 of 8, "Bring Me the Head of the Beast," starring Beast

Last issue, The Beast grabbed his former lady love from the hands of Commander Courage...but did she want to be saved? Now, Beast must convince her that he is on the side of right, while the Constrictor battles a horde of Were-borgs!

Servants of the Dead, part 2 of 8, "Chase in the Dark," starring Cable and Ghost Rider

Cable and Ghost Rider officially team up to save a mysterious girl in distress beneath the streets of Brooklyn. Her pursuers are far from willing to let the two intervene.

"Truth or Daredevil," starring Impossible Man

The Poppupian prankster with the ability to rearrange his molecules into any form he chooses is on an ImpQuest for his missing children.


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