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Blood Hungry, part 6 of 8, "Sixth Scents," starring Wolverine

Last issue, Cyber sold his powerful hallucinogenic drug to Tyger Tiger... and to General Coy! Can Wolverine discover the purpose of Cyber's double-dealing - and put a stop to his plans?

Just Friends, part 6 of 8, "Beast, I'm Going to Kill You," starring the Beast

The Beast tracked down his first true love - and found her at the business end of a gun! The Constrictor searched for the captive Red Ghost - but found his Super Apes instead! They're all in the Belgian Ministry of Defense with Were-borgs lurking beyond every corner...

Servants of the Dead, part 1 of 8, "Life Underground," starring Cable and Ghost Rider

Cable falls beneath the Morlock Tunnels to find a girl in danger. Those who follow her are death, and Ghost Rider hears the call.

"Fangu Lives!" starring Nightmare

He's one of the dreaded Fearlords, attacking his innocent victims in the one place where they are defenseless - in their dreams! His goal is nothing less than the complete subjugation of our dimension... He's Nightmare, ruler of the Nightmare Realm!


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